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How to Buy a Case Sealer

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Here are seven tips from our Packaging Specialists on how to choose the right Case Sealer

Choosing the right system for your application is a critical step in achieving an efficient and cost effective case sealing operation. As with any important investment, it is recommended to consult with packaging equipment professionals who can assess your packaging operation needs and advise you of the types of systems that would fulfill them.

An additional factor to consider when purchasing a case sealer, is to select big brand names, such as Loveshaw Little David Carton Sealers or Intertape Automatic Box Taping Machines, which are known for manufacturing reliable and efficient systems. These companies will stand behind the product by providing a solid warranty. An added benefit of dealing with such reputable companies is the quick availability of parts (now and in the future), to keep your case sealers running when efficiently.

Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Case Sealer:

  1. Tough, rugged steel construction built for round the clock operation.
  2. Excellent Operator Safety.
  3. Has a readily available Aftermarket Service Department.
  4. Easy equipment maintenance.
  5. Equipment mobility and flexibility- allows it to be moved easily wherever needed and can be used alone or as part of a conveyor system.
  6. Machine parts are readily available.
  7. Customization available

When considering a new system it is equally important to source from a supplier that provides full support services with in house technicians. This way you know you have the assurance of technical expertise when needed or wanted to provide preventative maintenance, packaging equipment repairs, packaging equipment upgrades, replacement parts, free packaging consulting, packaging machine training, and packaging machine installations.


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