Saving Time & Reducing Waste With Water-Activated Tape Dispensers

Case Study: Manufacturer


Rapidly growing demand was the sign that a general manufacturing company near London, Ontario needed to make a change. Hand-taping boxes was slow and provided an ineffective seal – and it wasn’t going to work for them anymore.

In order to get the help they needed, a Crawford Packaging Specialist was brought in. After a thorough assessment, the Specialist recommended Better Pack Automatic Water-Activated Tape Dispensers as a part of the Tape It Right program. Not only would automation make the packaging process faster and more efficient, but the use of WAT would ensure a more effective seal.

Knowing that this solution would work, the Specialist offered a trial unit and WAT samples to the manufacturer to test. After a short time with the product, productivity and efficiency rose while waste and labour went down. That meant a better final product for their customers at a lower price for the manufacturer.


A general manufacturer near London, Ontario had an existing, inefficient process for the packaging and sealing of boxes. Using as much as 5 strips of hand tape at a time – risking damaging the boxes and product every time – the company was wasting labour and missing out on savings. 



A Crawford Packaging Specialist went on-site at the general manufacturer’s shipping facility to assess the situation. It was clear that with the rapid growth of the company and increasing demand they were facing, the current method wasn’t sustainable.

To fix the issue, the Specialist knew that the customer needed the Tape It Right program. By using Better Pack Automatic Water-Activated Tape Dispensers, the company had the potential to save tape, time, and money. The Specialist set the manufacturer up with a trial unit and tape samples to help them experience the difference that this new process could make.


Tape It Right

Tape It Right works with clients to audit and review their existing case sealing practices and equipment. This will improve sealing efficiency and productivity through the identification and standardization of improved case sealing practices. Through this standardization, Tape It Right has helped businesses save up to 30% on their annual carton sealing costs.


The Better Pack 555e is an electric water-activated tape dispenser was made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environment. With a voltage of 115V. and 1,000 ft. roll tape capacity, the Better Pack 555e works harder with fewer changeovers.



After being introduced to the Tape It Right program and making the change over from hand taping to automatic WAT dispensers, the manufacturer has seen big changes in their final product. Their use of tape is down from 5 strips to 1, the WAT provides a more secure seal to protect against theft and damage, and the time to tape has been drastically reduced.


Reduced Waste

The Better Pack 555e has provided a more accurate way to seal boxes. When hand-taping, it was taking the manufacturer as much as 5 strips to provide a seal that would stay. The Better Pack allows for a one-strip seal, and the WAT gives a lasting hold that can stand up to the shipping process.

Increased Throughput

To keep up with the manufacturer’s growing demand, the need for a quicker process was high on their list. Thanks to the Better Pack 555e, the time used to seal boxes has been cut down. That means that their ability to fulfill orders has become a more reliable and consistent process.

Reduced Labour

Because the Better Pack 555e has a capacity for 1000 ft. rolls, it’s allowed the manufacturer to keep production moving longer with fewer breaks for roll changeover. Compared to the old, hand-taping method, this new system has made the use of labour more efficient.