How We Reduced Air Pillow Waste and Downtime with the Fill-Air® Rocket™

Case Study: arehousing/Logistics Provider


Defective air pillows were beginning to accumulate in a Logistics provider’s warehouses. This not only signified wasted plastic, but also wasted cost. To make matters worse, their current air pillow machine came with little service support. So, when the machine broke down, the client would have to wait weeks or even months for it to be repaired.

Having already worked with Crawford Packaging in the past, the logistics provider enlisted the help of a Crawford Packaging Specialist. Along with a Sealed Air representative (a Crawford protective packaging partner), the Packaging Specialist toured two of the client’s warehouses to audit their practices and find a solution to their growing protective packaging problem.

Following the audit, the Packaging Specialist recommended trying out the Sealed Air Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine for a month and gave them a trial roll of air pillow to try.

When the trial period ended, the client decided to invest in the machine as they had already noticed how much they were saving in such a short period of time.


The client was facing three main challenges:

  1. Air pillow waste – Defective air pillow products were beginning to accumulate in the client’s warehouses.

  2. Insufficient maintenance & repair services for their current void fill machine – This meant that when their machine malfunctioned, it could take weeks or even months for it to be repaired.

  3. Wasted costs – Their current air pillow product was driving up costs by up to 30% due to waste, downtime, and non-service.


A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited two of the logistics provider’s warehouses to conduct a Protect It Right audit. The Packaging Specialist also invited a Sealed Air representative to come along for the consultation to help in identifying a solution to the client’s void fill packaging issues. After understanding where the client’s issues were stemming from, the Packaging Specialist determined that their air pillow issues could be resolved with the Sealed Air Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine as well as a larger air pillow product. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Fill-Air® Rocket™, the Packaging Specialist provided the client with a one-month trial period so that they would have chance to compare the new machine with their old one.



Protect It Right

Protect It Right audits and reviews existing protective packaging practices, materials, and equipment. The program identifies areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. Through this program, clients have discovered ways to reduce their costs by up to 30%.


Fill-Air® Rocket™ by Sealed Air

The Fill-Air® Rocket™ is an on-demand inflatable packaging system that features:

  • Unrivaled Speed

  • Simplified Operation

  • Versatile Film Options

  • Adapts to Any Business


After the one-month trial, the Logistics provider found that The Fill-Air® Rocket™ was far more efficient than their old machine and that the air pillow sample had significantly reduced waste. They also liked the extra support the machine came with, as they were now able to access a 24-hour hotline for machine service.


Increased Productivity & Reduced Labour

100% inflated air pillows meant that the client could use them 100% of the time, which meant that there was no downtime due to defective packaging.


Reduced Waste & Consumption

The high-performing air pillow product that Crawford recommended meant that none of the air pillows were going to waste.


Increased Throughput

Boxes with air pillows were moving faster on the line, increasing throughput.


Reduced Damage

With non-defective air pillows, this meant that packages were adequately protected from potential damage.