Getting A-Head Of A Taping Problem

Case Study: Food Processor


An Ontario food processor’s moist working environment was impacting their packaging process. Due to the wet facility, the company’s tape applicators were under performing, resulting in a poor tape seal on cartons being shipped. Similarly, moisture-induced corrosion impeded their ability to replace tape rolls in their applicators. In order to resolve the issues with the packaging process, a new taping system was required.

As the food processor was already a client of Crawford, their assigned Packaging Specialist was called in to diagnose the problem. Once explained, it was clear to the Specialist that the company would need a corrosion-resistant tape head and a wider, 53 mm tape. This combination would greatly improve the operation’s efficiency, as well as ensuring a better seal on cartons.

Immediately after the adoption of the new tape and head, the food processor began to see results. Now, far less time is used when exchanging tape rolls, as well as less time is wasted in correcting operational issues that resulted from corroded tape heads. The taping process is now more consistent, reliable, and results in far fewer breaks in production.


Excessive moisture in an Ontario food processor’s facility was wreaking havoc on their tape applicators. Not only was corrosion impact the company’s ability to replace tape rolls, but the tape was unable to seal cases properly. As a result, the case-sealing process saw long delays and individual cases were at risk of having the seal come undone during shipping.



After identifying the issue, the food processor contacted their Crawford Packaging Specialist to diagnose the problem and find a solution. In order to account for the moisture-rich environment, the Specialist recommended a stainless-steel tape head. This would be corrosion-resistant and more reliable when swapping out tape. In order to address the case-sealing issues, the Specialist advised moving to a larger, 53 mm film to create a more consistent seal.



Tape It Right

Tape It Right works with clients to audit and review their existing case sealing practices and equipment. This will improve sealing efficiency and productivity through the identification and standardization of improved case sealing practices. Through this standardization, Tape It Right has helped businesses save up to 30% on their annual carton sealing costs.


In order to combat the corroding tape heads, stainless steel variants were installed in their place. These offered a more durable tape head that would perform more consistently in various environments.

To address the poor case seals, hot melt packaging tape was implemented. This 53 mm tape, designed to work in the cold and damp facilities of food processors, produces a quick initial bond combined with strong, lasting holding power.


The company now takes far less time in exchanging the tape rolls on the machines — and less time is wasted in correcting operational issues during production. Also, the better seal from the 53 mm meant a safer shipping experience.


Increased Productivity

The new tape heads operate consistently and without the constant attention required with the older equipment. This has allowed for fewer halts in production and more consistent level of productivity.


Increased Throughput

Throughput increased due to the lack of stoppages in operation that was commonplace with old tape heads. Now, the number of cases processed has gone up, maximizing the company’s efforts.