Modernize Bulk Produce Packaging with GrowPack Insert Trays

With the new produce season over the horizon, it’s time to start preparing this year’s packaging. Crawford Packaging’s GrowPack™ has been working tirelessly this offseason to increase our product offering to Growers and Packers. The team has worked with our partners to develop an impactful product offering that increases profits and reduces waste.

Bulk produce is an easy and cost-effective way to ship and retail fresh fruits. The loose nature of the bulk packaging can often lead to products shifting, moving or bouncing during transport. This movement during transport can lead to products falling out of their containers or becoming unsalable. Bulk packaging Insert Trays prevent movement during transport and ensure your produce arrives at their locations bruise-free and ready for your consumer.

GrowPack Insert Trays for Fresh Produce

GrowPack has worked with our partners to develop an impactful solution for bulk produce packaging. GrowPack Insert Trays offer Growers and Packers fast, easy to handle and customizable bulk packaging. GrowPack Insert Trays increase product stability and reduces loss during shipping.

GrowPack Insert Trays are available for all standard produce box sizes.

  • 30 cm x 20 cm

  • 40 cm x 25 cm

  • 40 cm x 30 cm

  • 43 cm x 31 cm (Avocado Trays)

  • 50 cm X 30 cm

  • 50 cm x 32 cm

  • 60 cm x 40 cm

Insert Tray Produce Range

GrowPack Insert Trays offer a range of solutions for round produce. Round fruit trays come in a variety of pocket sizes. Insert trays contain between 4 to 103 pockets and support produce from 100 mm to 47mm in diameter.

GrowPack Insert Trays also offer improved pocket engineering for a variety of product types. These trays use unique pocket shapes to provide distinct fruits increased comfort and protection.

  • Kiwi/Golden Kiwi

  • Tomato

  • Avocado

  • Mango

  • Papaya

  • Pear/Elongated Pear

  • Melon

  • Grape

  • Saturn Peach


Traypack® insert trays offer packers a rigid insert tray that is light, and extremely resistant. Their strong design offers incredible protection and stability during transport. Traypack® trays give maximum comfort to preserve produce quality and maintain value. Traypack® offers incredible flexibility and is ideal for automatic packaging operations.


The Nestipack® tray is a complete range of fruit and vegetable insert tray. These trays provide Growers with easy to use packaging in an array of sizes and formats. These versatile trays feature multiple perforations for maximum ventilation. Nestipack® insert trays are adaptable to all types of exterior packaging. Customization options are available for increased branding to maximize shelf impact.

Nestipack® Plus

Nestipack® Plus insert trays have an improved shape that offers advanced coverage to help avoid fruit bruising. The increased coverage prevents movement making Nestipack® Insert Trays the ideal packaging solution for tilted retail displays. Multiple perforations allow for optimal airflow and improved water drainage. Nestipack® Plus is suitable for all 600 x 400 wooden and cardboard boxes as well as rigid and foldable plastic containers. Nestipack® Plus insert trays are easily reversible for improved stability for double multiple layers. Customization is available in branded colours or designs to increase shelf visibility and enhance branding.

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