Automated Mailer Machines 101

Here at Crawford, we take pride in helping our distribution and e-commerce clients meet their targets and goals. By optimizing your packaging through automation, we guarantee you will see noticeable improvements in many different areas of your business.

One improvement you will notice is human error correction as it is the number one problem for fulfillment issues. Some results you will see through automation are:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced Damages

  • Reduced Consumption

  • Reduced Labour Costs

  • Increased Throughput

  • Reduced Waste

Automated order fulfillment has seen a huge rise in demand with the rapid growth of e-commerce. A recent study on consumer packaged goods stated that 60% of companies report an increasing demand for packaging machinery, specifically in automated mailer machines for e-commerce.


What are Automated Mailer Machines?

Automated mailer systems, also known as automated fulfillment machines, involve the process of shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping in an automated format is when the product is fed through the automated fulfillment machine then the shrink wrap film shrinks over the product using heat sensitive films.

These shrink films can come fully customizable in size including length and width, pattern, colour and more!

Our supplier, BVM Brunner, is a German packaging machine manufacturer with a world-class reputation for offering the best machines to solve your e-commerce packaging needs. These BVM machines are known for their versatility, precision, as well as their durability on a day-to-day basis. BVM machines can save up to 59% of costs in material as well as 50% of costs in labour.

What’s the Difference Between the BVM Machines?

BVM Comtex:

The BVM Comtex series is one of the most popular ecommerce packaging machines as they have been designed for fully automatic packaging and increasing performance. BVM Comtex machines can package up to 25 cycles per minute as well as feed back packaged goods into the appropriate warehouses.

BVM Compacta:

The BVM Compacta series is another popular ecommerce packaging machines as they have been designed for fully automatic packaging.  The BVM Compacta machines have the highest production reliability and can package up to 150 cycles per minute. The user-friendly machines can package your products using clear, opaque, or random print films to suit your ecommerce packaging needs.

BVM Lupo:

The BVM Lupo series is one of the newest ecommerce packaging machines and they have been designed for fully automatic packaging while full protecting the product. BVM Lupo machines can package up to 15 cycles per minute and can be packaged in chaotic order.

BVM Papertec:

The BVM Papertec machine is one of the most unique e-commerce packaging machines as it has been designed for fully automatic packaging using paper material making it 100% sustainable. BVM Papertec machines can package up to 10 cycles per minute and uses resealable paper material.

Shrink It Right

The Shrink It Right program works with customers to audit and review their existing shrink wrap practices, materials and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Shrink It Right program has helped a wide variety of customers from e-commerce fulfillment centers. Through the Shrink It Right program our clients have realized savings of up to 30%.


Shrink It Right


  • Poly – Film made of a resin plastic that provides protection to the product

  • Paper – Film that is sustainable as well as fully recyclable

  • Bubble – Film that has protection on both the inside and outside of the mailer

  • Opaque – Film that is typically black, for theft protection


  • Peelable – Film containing a section that can be removed once with minimal effort

  • Resealable – Film containing a section that can be opened and resealed by the consumer multiple times

  • Perforated – Film containing a section that has small holes making it easier to open

How to Choose the Right Automated Mailer Machine?

The choice of packaging machinery requires careful consideration of technical specifications, labour requirements, worker safety, maintenance, and flexibility. If you’re struggling to find the right machine, Crawford Packaging’s Packaging Specialists can conduct a packaging audit of your facility to determine the best machine and materials for your needs.


At Crawford Packaging, we take the complex problem of packaging and simplify it by leveraging the expertise of our Packaging Specialists. Crawford is proud to offer a full complement of packaging consumables, both direct and indirect. No matter your product’s requirements, we’ll tailor a solution that will revolutionize the way you pack – guaranteed. Contact us today.


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