Fully Automatic Order Fulfillment in Pure Paper Format

Here at Crawford, we take pride in helping our distribution clients meet their targets and goals. By optimizing your packaging through automation, we guarantee you will see noticeable improvements in many different areas of your business.

Automated order fulfillment is when equipment and technology are responsible for managing the fulfillment in packaging products to reduce human error and speed up the packing process to increase throughput. Automated order fulfillment machines are also known broadly as ecommerce packaging machines.

Automated Mailer Systems for Fulfillment

A recent study on consumer packaged goods stated that 60% of companies report an increasing demand for packaging machinery, specifically in ecommerce packaging machines. The increase in the demand for ecommerce packaging machines is not the only market increase – 75% of U.S. consumers prefer paper for ecommerce packaging and would be more willing to purchase.

The BVM Brunner Papertec

The BVM Brunner Papertec ecommerce packaging machine is one of the most unique e-commerce packaging machines as it has been designed for fully automatic packaging using paper material. BVM Brunner’s Papertec machine can save our clients costs in material and costs in labour. They can package anything of random length, width, and height. This machine uses a top and bottom paper-roll, comparable to the sleeve wrapper principle

These machines are known for having been manufactured to be sustainable and durable for automated order fulfillment. BVM Papertec machines can package up to 15 cycles per minute, which is approximately 600 packs per hour, and uses resealable paper material.

  • Save costs in material and labour

  • Up to 15 cycles per minute

  • Automated packages for random length, width, and height

  • Packaging material is 100% recyclable

What Types of Products Can The Papertec Support?

Automated order fulfillment machines can be used to package a variety of products. They are typically used for shipping products to a shorter distance – some products is can support are:

    • Clothing

    • Books

    • Fabric products

    • Boxed products, and more!

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