Replace Packaging Peanuts with Alternative Void Fill Solutions

When you hear about protective packaging, you are probably thinking packing peanuts. So, what is protective packaging? Protective packaging materials are so much more than that – especially with the latest innovations. Protective packaging materials are important when you are shipping products in smaller quantities – they allow the product to arrive at the final destination safely, securely, and with no damage. Lets discuss ways to replace packaging peanuts with alternative void fill solutions.


Crawford Packaging works with industry-leading suppliers to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective protective packaging solutions on the market. 

Packing peanuts currently accounting for approximately 58% of the void fill packaging materials market but is expected to see drastic changes between now, and the year 2032 according to Future Market Insights. Packaging Peanuts are traditionally made out of polystyrene foam, which contains cancer-causing chemicals that can, in some cases, actually affects the products they’re holding, making them potentially dangerous to consumers.


Today, we are going to highlight void fill packaging alternatives to packing peanuts. There are a variety of different alternatives in the market currently but, paper protective packaging and Inflatable protective packaging are some of the most established protective packaging materials.

What is Void Fill?


Void fill packaging, also known as protective packaging materials, is a cushioning material that is used to make products in a box immobile until the destination.

Inflatable Air Packaging


Bubble packaging and air pillows, also known as air cushion protective packaging, are known for having superior packaging protection, and being cost effective. Air cushion protective packaging comes in many different shapes and forms – it’s most known as bubble wrap. Air filled packaging products are some of the most popular and versatile protective packaging products on the market today.


Air cushion protective packaging is available in both pre-filled and on-demand options – these products offer superior protection.

Bubble wrap is a roll of small air cushions to provide protection to the product being shipping. It is typically shipped flat, stored flat, and then inflated when needed for packaging a product for the end user. Air pillow protective packaging is a sheet of rectangular inflatable pillows.

Paper Fill Packaging


Paper protective packaging products are the industry standard for environmentally friendly, recyclable, and compostable void fill solutions. Paper void fill material is easily managed by hand or can be used in an automated packaging machine for increased speed and efficiency. Paper protective packaging is rigid so when the product is packed.


Paper protective packaging can come in different forms but still serve the same result – protected products! Paper protective packaging can come on a roll with manual tear, pre-cut pieces, pre-crinkled pieces, and more.

Protect-it-Right Program

The Protect-it-Right program works with clients to audit and review their existing protective packaging practices, materials, and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offer improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Protect-it-Right program has helped a wide variety of clients from e-commerce fulfillment centers to aircraft parts manufacturers. Through the Protect It Right program, clients have discovered ways to reduce their protective packaging costs by up to 30%.

Benefits of Protective Packaging Plan:

  • Reduced Damages
  • Optimized Labour
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Lower Replacement Costs
  • Increased Productivity

Our Packaging Specialists perform an in-depth review and audit of your existing protective packaging solution and procedures. This audit identifies areas that can be optimized to increase packaging speeds, reduce product damage, and improve pack standards.

Void Fill Packaging Automation

For increased efficiency and optimization opportunities, automated protective packaging equipment is available for many material types. These on-demand systems use space-saving raw materials and customizable program that makes them perfect for both bulk and in-line processing. Discover how these revolutionary systems can help improve productivity and reduce waste, raising your protective packaging plan to all new levels of savings.

Which Way Should I Pivot?

If you are unsure of which type of void fill packaging material you need, it is best to consider bringing on a packaging expert to look at your packaging operation to help determine the right solution for your application.

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