How a Top Seal Machine Achieves Quick Paybacks

Here we examine the quick paybacks that come with tray sealer packaging machines, also known as top seal machines.

Automating Packaging with a Top Seal Machine

Top seal packaging machines, also known as tray lidding machines, involve the process of filled trays moving through the machine via motorized conveyors. Tray groups are then picked up by the tray sealing machines mechanical arms and the lids are applied with heat.\


Top seal packaging is one of the fastest growing packaging methods in the produce market today as well as other markets. These reusable containers offer customers the added protection of a hard container, but with up to 25% less raw material used.

How Top Seal Machines Can Provide a Return on Investment (ROI)

All businesses are looking for ways to decrease operating costs. In the case of fresh food packers, the challenge in their packaging also relates to getting product to market quickly and packaging product in consumer friendly packaging to get top margin. Tray lidding machines have the ability to decrease operating costs significantly in a variety of ways including reduced labour costs. Investing in an automated top seal packaging machine will allow companies to reallocate labour.

Benefits of Top Seal:

Extended Shelf Life

Top seal film contains MAP technology which is a process where oxygen levels inside of a sealed package is dropped to 0%.

Improved Food Safety

These lids will leave distinctive signs when a package has been opened alerting everyone to the risk of tampering.


Fast Tooling Changeovers

Tray lidding machines are capable of changeovers as fast as 2 minutes.

Customized Films

Many of these compositions can feature coloured printing for displaying brand and informative messaging. Options are also available for peelable films, re-sealable films, and cold and hot sealing methods.

Increased Throughput Volumes

Machines operate efficiently and reliably at high speeds. Some of our top seal machines can run up to 250 packs per minute on small containers.

Reduced Material Waste

Major errors may require the removal of misapplied materials and start again from scratch.

Top Seal Cost Analysis

Total operational costs can vary depending on variables including hours of operation, number of workers, company’s output goals, and more. As well, the total operational costs can vary as top seal is typically presented as a new solution that customers may not be doing already.


The price range of top seal machines can vary as the tray lidding machines are customizable to fit your packaging process and optimal speeds. Depending on the tray lidding machine you choose, your costs will be 1-3 packers tending to the line as well as your tray and film costs. As well, you can pack up to 250 packs per minute depending on the tray lidding machine you choose!


Beyond the financial payback, there is also the ability to package the product quicker which means increased efficiencies, increased throughput, reduced human error, and more.

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