Packaging Solutions for Breweries

As a brewer, you work hard to develop unique products that taste and look great. You build a brand identity around your beers and their taste. Your packaging can often be an extension of this identity. Crawford Packaging will help make sure that your identity reaches your consumers intact.

Packaging Experts For Over 50 Years

Crawford Packaging is the only full-service packaging equipment and materials company in Canada. With over 50 years of packaging experience, we work with our clients to develop efficient, turn-key packaging solutions. Partnering with world-class equipment and materials producers, Crawford provides high-quality products that help improve efficiency and save money. Our wide variety of packaging materials and expert Packaging Specialists allow us to bring real cost savings to brewers. We make this possible through regular contact with our clients, continuous evaluation of processes, and ongoing recommendations.

What Makes Us Different

Packaging for Brewers

Whether you’re an established brewer or new to the Craft market, Crawford will work with you to develop a customized packaging solution for your business’s needs. Armed with a network of world-class suppliers, we provide brewers with the products they need at affordable prices. Our expert Packaging Specialists work with you to provide a full audit of your existing packaging solution. This audit gives our Specialists the ability to do a per-pack cost analysis identifying areas for improvement. Suggestions can include the addition of automation or improved packaging materials costs.

Packaging Equipment and Repair Services

Crawford Packaging is the only Canadian company to sell, install, and service packaging equipment while also providing packaging materials. Our factory-trained and certified technicians can assist with packaging equipment upgrades, machine repairs, equipment training and the development of comprehensive preventative maintenance plans.

Packaging Machines for Breweries

Industry Approved Packaging

Brewers are held to a high standard of packaging. Often shipping large quantities of glass, many companies hold a high standard for product containment and protection. We work with industry leaders like the LCBO to provide our clients with retailer certified products. Our Packaging Specialists work closely with Brewers to understand where their products are sold, and what packaging products are required.

Crawford Loves Craft

You shouldn’t be punished for being smaller. Craft Brewers often find that their size can impact cost or product availability. At Crawford Packaging, we leverage buying power with suppliers to offer Craft Brewer’s savings on materials. We order large quantities of materials that allows us to pass along savings to our customers.


How We Can Help Brewers

Experts in Stretch Wrap and Shrink Packaging

Proper product containment is key in preventing product damage during shipping. Crawford Packaging is an industry leader in the areas of stretch wrap and shrink packaging. We work with suppliers to offer the highest-quality products on the market today. We accompany these products with revolutionary programs that aim to decrease consumption rates, improve per pack costs and get your products delivered in as made condition.


The Crawford Pillars

The Crawford Pillars are designed to create savings up to 30%. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist will work with you to audit your existing packaging operation and identify areas that can be optimized.

Reduce Packaging Costs

Often when cost savings are considered we tend to think strictly in the sense of materials price. At Crawford Packaging, we understand the difference between price and cost. Our expert staff will help you to lower your packaging costs. This can be accomplished with throughput improvements, increased material efficiency or a reduction in materials consumption per pack.


Improved Inventory Management

Floor space can be a valuable commodity. Crawford Packaging offers our clients a space saving Just In Time inventory system option.  With 4 distribution centers located in Canada and the U.S. Crawford has a unique ability to keep items stocked and on hand for delivery when you need them. Supported by in-house Logistics and Customer Care teams we are often able to schedule next day delivery for your requested products when availability and lead times allow.


More Than Just Packaging

Cleanliness is key in a successful brewing environment. Combine all your packaging, facilities and cleaning products into one convenient order. From the soap and towels used in washrooms to the disinfectants and cleaners used in vats, Crawford has you covered.

Why Work With Us

Crawford Packaging’s Brewing History

Crawford Packaging has experience dealing with breweries of differing sizes. From large national Brewhouses to locally run and independently owned Craft Brewers. Each brewer offering unique experience and requiring a unique understanding of the brewery industry and its packaging. This has led Crawford to seek out experienced representatives who understand the Alcohol and Beverage world.

Enhancing your business performance.

Crawford Packaging actively works with our partners to bring the most innovative packaging equipment and packaging materials to our clients. Our commitment to quality has led to Crawford Packaging being an accredited ISO 9001 business with a full-time Quality Management team to monitor quality and manage our in-house lot traceability system.


You’ve Found Your Packaging Partner