Marijuana Packaging Solutions

With cannabis having just been legalized in 2018, the Canadian cannabis market is still finding its footing when it comes to packaging solutions. With over 50 years of packaging experience, Cannabis Growers and Processors can rely on Crawford Packaging to help them navigate through the ongoing changes to packaging regulations as the Canadian cannabis market continues to evolve.

How We Can Help

The Crawford Packaging Advantage

Crawford Packaging works directly with clients to develop all-encompassing packaging solutions to help you get the operational flow you’re looking for.

How? Our world-class suppliers and fleet of factory-trained technicians enable us to provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions to take your business to the next level.

Our packaging solutions for marijuana growers & processors include:

1. Packaging Machine Parts & Services

Crawford Packaging’s factory-trained technicians provide the following packaging machine services:

2. Packaging Automation

Crawford Packaging’s automation solutions use advanced technology and automatic packaging machines to improve the flow of operations in your production line. Learn more.

Wrap It Right

Shrink It Right

Tape It Right

Protect It Right

Buy It Right

3. The Crawford Pillars

Crawford Packaging’s Wrap It Right, Shrink It Right, Tape It Right, and Protect It Right Pillar programs each have guaranteed cost savings of up to 30%. These programs specifically can help distribution & fulfillment centers make a big impact in their packaging operations due to the following benefits:

  • icon+of+line+graph+going+up+with+up+arrow
    Increased Productivity
  • icon-of-waste-garbage-bin
    Reduced Material Waste
  • icon+of+piggy+bank
    Improved Cost Per Pack
  • solid+blue+icon+of+a+speedometer
    Faster Turnaround Times
  • icon+of+damaged+product+inside+box
    Reduced Shipping Damages
  • icon-of-blue-plug-with-leaf
    Reduced Consumption

Marijuana Packaging Machines

Crawford Packaging offers a powerful range of packaging equipment that makes the packaging process less labor-intensive and more efficient. Our packaging equipment range for cannabis growers and processors includes:

Automatic Overwrapping Machines/Tuck & Fold Machines


Shrink Wrap Machines


Cannabis Flow Wrappers

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines


Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators


Marijuana Packaging Materials

Marijuana Packaging Materials

Types of Cannabis Packaging Materials

  • Overwrap Films

    • BOPP

  • Shrink Film

    • Polyolefin

  • Flow Wrap

    • BOPP

    • Barrier Films

  • Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Bands

    • PVC

  • Bulk Bags

    • Lament Structure

  • Plastic Containers

    • Plastic Tubs

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

Keep Up with Consumer Demand

With consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging being on the rise, organizations must improve their packaging solutions or risk being left behind.

Crawford Packaging’s world-class suppliers and technicians work to provide innovative solutions that help reduce your organization’s environmental impact through waste reduction, efficiency improvements, and much more.

Contact a Crawford Packaging Specialist today to learn more about the Crawford imPACt program: a sustainability initiative designed to help our clients make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable packaging practices, machinery and materials.

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