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Top Three Mailers for E-Commerce and Distribution

There’s no more important task for secondary packaging than keeping your product safe. From delicate documents to fragile items, it’s key to choose a protective packaging option that is optimized to defend your product against damage incurred during shipping and handling.

When considering your options, it’s easy to think that boxes fulfill these roles effectively — and you’d be right. But there’s an alternative that gets the job done while reducing cost and waste.

Meet the packaging mailer.

What Are Mailers?

Mailers are packaging envelopes that are specially designed for small to medium-sized products that need uncompromising protection. Coming in padded and rigid options, mailers encase the product in a defensive layer of material, typically in the form of cardboard or plastic.

Why Choose A Mailer

Imagine a packaging option that perfectly fit your products, guaranteed protection, and cost less than traditional packaging methods. That’s the packaging mailer.

On top of these benefits, mailers are far easier to store than alternatives, like boxes, and reduce the amount of material needed to pack an item. This drastically improves packaging efficiency and decreases material consumption for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

A 100% Recyclable and Sustainable Solution

While mailers make an excellent choice for packaging small to medium-sized products, not all mailer are made the same. The materials used and design of a mailer will greatly impact its effectiveness. That’s why Crawford Packaging is proud to offer the Jiffy Mailer®.

Recognized for their unquestionable performance, Jiffy® mailers have been a staple of the packaging industry for over 50 years. Cushioned, non-cushioned, rigid — Jiffy® mailers come in many forms, promising ultimate protection in every design.

Beyond their construction, Jiffy® mailers are also 100% recyclable. Since each envelope uses recycled paper fibre with 25% post-consumer content, they are easily recycled with mixed paper. Not only do Jiffy® mailers use less material than boxes, but they also remain entirely environmentally friendly.

There are many types of Jiffy® products, each offering unique benefits for specific product requirements.

1. Jiffy® Padded Envelopes

If there’s one all-purpose mailer, it’s the Jiffy® Padded envelope. Designed to be both versatile and adaptable, these paper mailers come put protection first — without the high-cost of other protective packaging options. Here are some key features of the Jiffy® Padded envelope:

  • Available in 10 sizes, offering you options to packaging products of varying weights and shapes

  • Features a smooth inner lining, padded interior, and durable heavy-duty Kraft exterior

  • Reinforced corners improve edge protection to help maintain structural integrity

jiffy padded mailers stacked on white background

2. Jiffy® Utility

When shipping non-fragile items, it’s easy to disregard the type of packaging you use. While your products may not be at risk of collision damage, it’ still crucial that they remain protected during shipment. That’s where the Jiffy® Utility envelope comes in. Here are some of the defining characteristics that make it the right choice:

  • Products stay safe and secure inside thanks to seamless sides and a double-glued bottom flap

  • A self-seal closure enables fast, efficient, and accurate seals for optimized packaging times

  • The Jiffy® Utility envelope comes in 9 different sizes so you can find the perfect fit

jiffy utility mailer envelope white with kids products on white background

3. Jiffy® Rigi Bag

Mailing documents is risky, and few packaging options can provide the level of protection needed to keep them safe. The Jiffy® Rigi bag isn’t like other packaging options — it’s designed to put performance about all else. Boasting an extra-rigid fiberboard with kraft paper lamination, Jiffy® Rigi bags effectively resist bending and corner damage. Other features include:

  • Easily insert products into the mailer thanks to its stiff build

  • A high-strength, self-sealing flap keeps packaging safe and tamper-resistant, while a tear tape allows for easy opening upon destination arrival

  • Offered in 7 sizes to fit documents and other such contents of varying sizes

three rigi bag mailer envelope on white background

Protect It Right

Jiffy® mailers are proudly offered through the Crawford Packaging Protect It Right program. This means that not only do you get an incredible product, you also gain access to a network of packaging professionals with decades of industry experience.

What Is Protect It Right?

Protect It Right is a program that audits and reviews existing protective packaging practices to identify optimizations. The program reveals areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per-pack costs — up to 30%. From e-commerce fulfillment centers to aircraft parts manufacturers, the Protect It Right program has helped — and continues to help — our clients improve their packaging process.

Benefits of Protect It Right

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Packaging Waste

  • Reduce Consumption

  • Reduce Shipping Damages

  • Reallocate Labour

  • Consistent Standards

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Sealed Air has applied years of excellence into creating and optimizing their line of Jiffy® mailers. Through Crawford’s partnership, this innovative packaging option becomes a part of a comprehensive packaging solution.

To learn more about Jiffy® and the Protect It Right program, talk to a Crawford Packaging Specialist. They’ll discuss your needs and provide you with a solution that will revolutionize your packaging process.

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