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Pushing the Boundaries of Insulation with TempGuard™

Environmentally-friendly packaging is the topic on everyone’s mind, as concern over wasteful packaging practices takes center-stage. Consumers want options that aren’t harmful to the environment, without sacrificing the performance that they expect from brands they trust.

From cosmetics to pharmaceutical, temperature-sensitive packaging is the only thing standing between your customer and a spoiled product. Historically, styrofoam has been the top choice thanks in large part to its cost. Unfortunately, the process to recycle styrofoam is difficult and facilities that can are rare.

sealed air tempguard temperature control packaging

TempGuard™ exists to bridge the gap.

Using a recyclable paper liner, TempGuard™ by Sealed Air insulates effectively for up to 48 hours. The heavy-duty 30# Kraft paper construction allows TempGuard™ to be 100% curbside recyclable, making it a viable and economic alternative.

sealed air tempguard meal delivery service packaging

Some of the biggest advantages of TempGuard™ lie within the food-delivery industry. Ready-made meals are a fast and low-effort alternative to traditionally-cooked meals. However, in order to keep food products safe, fresh, and edible, the proper packaging is needed. In this case, TempGuard™ not only ensures a consistent temperature, but its design allows for a cushion to mitigate product damage.

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There’s no substitute for TempGuard™ — it offers best-in-class protection from shipping and temperature damage as an eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam. Talk to a Crawford Packaging Specialist to find out how to incorporate TempGuard™ into your shipping operations today.

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