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What is Angleboard?

A) Leg 1, B) Leg 2, C) Thickness, D) Length

A) Leg 1, B) Leg 2, C) Thickness, D) Length

Angleboard, also known as Cornerboard or Edge Protectors, is a secondary packaging product often made from wood, plastic or hardened paper. The board is composed of two legs (A, B) that are folded at a 90° angle. Angleboard reinforces the corners of stacked pallets for added strength, stability and protection. When used as a pallet framing material Angleboard can allow for the stacking of pallets without the risk of crushing the loaded pallet underneath.

Why Use Angleboard?

Angleboard reduces the risk of damage to products stacked on the corners of a loaded pallet, both in and out of transit. With a solid pallet frame, packagers can achieve higher strap and stretch wrap tension. This increase in strength helps to prevent pallet tips or collapses during the storage and shipping process.

When stacking uniform sized pallets Angleboard’s added protection helps ensure case integrity. With the ability to help displace weight evenly and away from cases, Angleboard’s reduce the risk of case compression. Case compression results in unattractive and damage products often marked as unsaleable.

Another use of Angleboard is the ability to create a reinforced “Master Carton”. A Master Carton uses Angleboard to segment and reinforce a box that is then pack with smaller boxes. This form of internal support reduces the risk of cartons deflating or compacting and allows for higher stacking on a pallet. When used as internal support for long packages Angleboard increases strength and minimizes the possibility of deflection and bending.

The Top 6 Reasons to Use Angleboard

  1. Secure loads to prevent damage in and out of transport

  2. Increase branding opportunities with printed Angleboard options

  3. Enhance the stacking strength of palletized goods

  4. Prevent surface scratches to cases and products

  5. Repel and absorb corner damage to palletized goods

  6. Loads wrapped with stretch film need less film to achieve the same containment strength

Strap Protection Angleboard

APXboard Angleboard Cornerboard Protection

How to Size Angleboard for Your Packaging Solution

Angleboard is available in a variety of leg sizes ranging from 1.75” to 3.00”, but how do you know what size is right for your shipments? It all depends on how much protection your pallets load will require. The longer the leg length used, the greater the protections they provide. As leg length is increases products are held more securely and become less prone to twisting and shifting their way off the stack.

Leg length is important for two key reasons. If a leg is to short the top cartons on the pallet are exposed to corner damage and displacement. This leads to a lack of protection for the top rows of packages which are at the highest risk of shifting and turning. If your leg length is to long your Angleboard will prevent pallets from stacking on top of each other. Angleboard’s that are too long require additional labour to trim to size and allow for pallets to be double stacked.

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