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In the business world and beyond, “ISO” is a term often associated with quality, integrity, and excellence. When a company can identify as meeting ISO certifications, it comes with a guarantee that established and tested procedures are in place to create an ideal customer experience.

But beyond a general understanding of the term, how much do you really know about ISO?

ISO Explained

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is the world’s most widely recognized and respected quality management standards system. Operating in several areas from business to food safety, this non-governmental organization sets standards that put the customer first. When businesses meet these strict standards, they receive a certification that they must work to maintain.

When it comes to quality management systems, the recognized certification is the ISO 9001:2015. This updated system has criteria that ensure 1. Customer satisfaction is a priority and 2. There is a level of consistency in the quality of product and service. If these overarching criteria are met in the variety of areas tested, the business may claim the certification.

iso certification written on cardboard boxes stacked on pallet truck in warehouse facility

Why does ISO matter?

The short answer?


The ISO system exists so that customers can understand the quality of product and service they can expect — even before dealing with an organization. This is vital to maintaining a high standard of excellence in any given field, and serves as a reliable way to rule out organizations who don’t put their customers first.

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