Random Case Sealers

Random case sealers are case sealing systems that can adjust their tape head height to any case size on the fly. Using sensory equipment, the tape head will raise or lower until it finds the proper height. The case then moves through the powered roller system, sealing the flaps. Random Case Sealing machines are great for packaging equipment solutions that use a variety of box sizes at the same time. Random case sealers are available in both automatic and semi-automatic running formats.

Automatic Random Case Sealers

Automatic Random Case Sealers provide a fully automated case sealing packaging solution. Cases of random sizes are fed into the machine with their flaps still open. Automated arms then find the height of the box and the system folds down the top flaps of the package. With the flaps folded the case then moves though the tape head, sealing the flaps. Once sealed the closed packages are moved out the back end of the machine for handling.

These systems are designed for high volume packaging solutions sealing 15 – 20 cases per minute. Combine an Automatic Random Case Sealer with a Carton Erecting Machine for a full form, fill and seal packaging solution.

Loveshaw Little David LD-16R Case Sealer

Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealers

Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealers offer a simple and easy way to seal cases of random sizes. Unlike the automatic random machines these case sealers require an operator to fold the top flaps of the box. Once folded, the operator feeds the box into the case sealer to begin the sealing process.

A Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is then able to adjust to the proper box height and pass the case through the tape head. Finished boxes are then fed out the back of the machine to an employee or conveyor system.

Loveshaw Little David LDX-RTB Random Case Sealer

Loveshaw Random Legend TB Case Sealer

Loveshaw Random Legend Case Sealer

Intertape RSA 2024-SB Random Case Sealer

Intertape Auto H20 RSA 2024-WAT Random Case Sealer

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