Uniform Case Sealers

Uniform Case Sealers are packaging machines that use a fixed tape head that needs manual adjustment for each new box height. These case sealing systems are best suited for large packaging runs using the same size cases. Uniform Case Sealers are available in a variety of sizes and speeds ensuring there is a system that fits your specific packaging needs. Uniform Case Sealers are available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats.


Automatic Uniform Case Sealers

Automatic Uniform Case Sealers are case sealing systems to do not require an operator to fold the case flaps. Boxes of the same size are fed into the machine via operator or conveyor one at a time. The Automatic Uniform Case Sealer then folds down the case flaps and passes the box through the tape head. Combine an Automatic Uniform Case Sealer with a Carton Erecting Machine for a full form, fill and seal packaging solution.

Loveshaw LD-16A Little David Case Sealer

Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealers

Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealers use a fixed tape head to seal boxes that closed manually by an operator and fed into the machine. The systems feature easy to adjust tape heads as well as top and bottom sealing methods. Semi-Automatic Uniform Case sealers are perfect for packaging solutions that seal lower volumes of the same sized cases.


Loveshaw LD Xss Stainless Steel Taping Machine

Loveshaw Little David LD-3 SB Box Taping Machine

Loveshaw LD-7 Uniform Case Sealer

Loveshaw Uniform Legend Case Sealer

Loveshaw Little David SP-304 Case Sealer

Intertape USA 2024-SB Case Sealer

Intertape Auto H20 USA 2024-WAT Case Sealer

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