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Automatic Form-Fill-Seal Shrink Wrappers

Form-fill-and seal shrink wrap machines offer a fast and efficient way to shrink wrap your products for distribution. These systems feature full programmable, easy to use interfaces that can store multiple packaging settings. With a variety of shrink film options and infeed systems these shrink wrap machines are perfect for packaging solutions that package a variety of products.

Shanklin Omni® Form-Fill-Seal Wrapper

The Omni form-film-seal shrink wrapping systems that gives you speed, efficiency and versatility. The Omni uses a modular in-feed design that allows for fast and easy in-feed changes. With a mirror image design the Shanklin Omni is able feed products from either end. This allows for seamless integration into any existing packaging solution.

Shanklin Omni Automatic Form-Fill-Seal Shrink Wrapper

Shanklin® TR2 Wrapper

The TR2 continuous motion can handle products of varying sizes and numbers with fixed or random lengths. The easy to use interface makes it easy to select product parameters, control system operation and view machine diagnostics.

The TR2 features a 90 ft. per second belt that allows it to wrap up to 60 products a minute.

Shanklin Triumph 2 with T-71 Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin® FloWrap Series Equipment

Fully automatic Shanklin® FloWrap machines are continuous motion horizontal form-fill-sealers designed to wrap packages effortlessly and efficiently.

Shanklin F-1 Form-Fill-Seal Automatic Wrapper

Shanklin F-3 Form-Fill-Seal Automatic Wrapper

Shanklin F-5 Form-Fill-Seal Automatic Wrapper

Shanklin FloWrap Series Equipment

Shanklin® Hyspeed Series Equipment

The Shanklin® HySpeed Series are top-of-the-line machines that give you the speed and flexibility you need to meet evolving production demands.

Shanklin Hy-Speed HS-1 Automatic Wrapper

Shanklin Hy-Speed HS-2 Automatic Wrapper

Shanklin® Hyspeed Series Equipment Crawford Packaging