Reisopack 2830

Horizontal Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine for Pallets

Easy to use, the Reisopack 2830 Strapping Machine can be placed beside the stacked pallet, avoiding the need to move the load.


  • Own manufacturing and technology using highest quality components.

  • Aluminum head set and tension roller treated ensures long life of the machine.

  • Tension electronically adjustable through a magnetic clutch to get the strongest tension without any physical effort.

  • Dual power supply system: To network and with batteries.

  • Strapping height manually adjustable without effort. Allows strap from 17 cm. from the floor up to 2 m.

  • It helps putting edge protectors while first strapping and easy transportation to the place of operation.

  • Brake lever to prevent unwanted movements.

  • Bobbin holder located on the base to facilitate bobbin change operation.

  • Market leader in semiautomatic strapping in fruit and vegetable sector since 1994.


  • Strap Width: 6-8-12-16 mm. (Factory set).

  • Strap Thickness: 0,50-0,85 mm.

  • Heating System: Electrical heating.

  • Heating temperature and cooling time adjustable.

  • Options: Corners deposit. Inner diameter of the bobbin holder of 200mm or 400mm


  • Voltage: 220 v / 240 v · 50 / 60 hz. Single phase

  • Elect. Consumption: 1 kw. Approx. Product.: 20-30 pallets / hour.

  • Battery Duration: 600 straps.

  • Packaging Dimensions: 2 packages (440 kg.).

  • 1150 x 1070 x 1070 mm. / 2450 x 760 x 670 mm.

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