Reisopack 2914

Horizontal Automatic Strapping Machine for Pallets

The Reisopack 2914 is an automatic horizontal strapping machine with lateral displacement.


  • Own manufacturing and technology using highest quality components.

  • Compression system in the arch compacts load and guides the strap to the correct position.

  • Mechanical tension adjustable through a holding strap system to get the highest tension.

  • Aluminium head Reisopack 1900 long lasting.

  • Approximate production higher than 50 pallet per hour.

  • Security system under the arch with reverse engine.

  • Visual signaling errors.

  • Touchscreen control 5’6 inch TFT LCD.

  • Able to store up to 10 different strapping programs.

  • Automatic corners applicator system.


  • Strap Width: 8-12-15’5 mm. (Factory set).

  • Strap Thickness: 0,63-0,85 mm.

  • Heating System: Electrical Heating.

  • Adjustable heating temperature and cooling time.

  • Minimum Strapping Height: 140 mm


  • Electronic tension.

  • Strap empty alarm.

  • CRC technology to perfectly re-position of the corners.

  • Side compactor system.

  • Motorized corners carts.

  • Dual corners deposit.

  • Fifth corners arm.

  • Additional station.

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