Signode TTX

Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

Top selling strapping machine in fruit and vegetable sector.

Easy to use. The Reisopack 2830 Strapping Machine can be placed beside the stacked pallet, avoiding the need to move the load. Swappable Batteries.


  • Durable: The TTX features a welded steel frame. Stainless steel top plate with package guide to assure straight straps.

  • Reliable: PC Board controlled, 110VAC motor, electric solenoids, and sensor controlled heater blade.

  • Safe: Electrical safety interlocks on the hinged top plate. All power to machine is removed when top cover is opened.


  • Power Supply: 120 Volts, Single Phase.

  • Strap Tension: From 10 to 99 lbs.

  • Strap Width: ¼”, 3/8”, or ½” Polypropylene on 8” x 8”, or 9” x 8” ID core.

  • Strap Type: Signode Empax with a 8” x 8”, or 9” x 8” ID core.

  • Package Sizes: Minimum – 3-1/2” W x 2” H, Maximum – Unlimited

  • Machine Dimensions: 34” L x 22” W x 30 ¼” H

  • Machine Weight: 185 lbs

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