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Packaging Automation Eclipse SL3

Flexible Single Lane Tray Sealer

Eclipse SL3 Packaging Automation Top Seal Machine on a white background

Drastically reduce your energy consumption by 75% with Freshseal’s Eclipse SL-3 tray sealing machine and POWERDRIVE™ technology!


  • POWERDRIVE™ – fully electrical machine requiring zero air
  • Can seal up to 45 packs per minute
  • Indisputable reliability
  • Environmental considerations incorporated into design
  • 2 minute tool changeovers
  • Ultra lightweight and quick release tooling
  • Inbuilt TDS (Tool Docking System) automatically aligns electrical connectors on the tool
  • Configurable for MAP and SkinPAC


  • Can be upgraded to the higher throughput eclipse SL4
  • MAP-F (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • MAP-V (Vacuum Gas Flushing)
  • Industrial remote access solution for remote diagnostics and program updates
  • Eco-Cut™ – reducing film waste
  • Foil crimping
  • Inside cut for neater pack presentation
  • Pre-printed or pre-punched registered film
  • Through conveyor
  • Date coder integration ready