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Used Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Lantech Q-1000

The Lantech Q-1000 is a Automatic Conveyorized Turntable Stretch Wrapper.

This used packaging machine is easy to operate with simple controls and the ability to wrap up to 45 loads per hour.

 Used Lantech Q-1000 Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

**Used machine does not have the in-feed or exit conveyors**


Operator-Friendly Design

  • No trip hazards or pinch points
  • Color-coded control panel
  • Clear access to load film
  • Fully guarded film roll carriage

Efficient Load Handling

  • Wraps 45-60 loads per hour
  • Industrial duty conveyor, closed-space rollers, 4000 lbs. capacity
  • Options available to custom build to meet specific needs
  • Eliminate forktruck jams

Clean Design

  • Motors, wires, belts enclosed
  • No trip, burn or pinch hazards

Transition Photocells / System Guarding

  • Transition photocells mounted on either side of the turntable for easy access
  • If photocell beam is broken during the wrap cycle, the machine will immediately shut down
  • Front turntable guarding and safety signage standard on all models

Safe, Convenient Film Loading

  • Safe, unobstructed access to roll carriage for film loading from the side

“Touchless” Film Cutting System

  • Cutter wire safely guarded and hot only when necessary
  • Length of time for heated impulse is adjustable for film thickness and ambient temperature
  • Cutter wire does not come into contact with film, eliminates film build-up on wire for a clean, consistent cut


  • Production Speed: 45 loads per hour
  • Maximum Load Size: 54”W x 48”L x 92”H
  • Minimum Load Size: 36”W x 36”L x 24”H
  • Maximum Load Weight: 4000 lbs