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How a Flow Wrapper Achieves Quick Paybacks

individually flow wrapped red and orange bell peppers on store shelf

Here we examine the return on investment of a Flow Wrapper.

How Flow Wrappers Provide a Return on Investment (ROI)

All businesses are looking for ways to decrease operating costs. In the case of produce packers the challenge also relates to getting product to market quickly and packaging product in consumer friendly packaging to get top margin.

Automating Produce Packaging with a Flow Wrapper

A flow wrapper is another name for a horizontal form fill and seal machine. In this process a single roll of film is wrapped over an object, sealed along a bottom center seam and then sealed at both ends and cut off creating individual packages. The main reason for consideration of this system is increased productivity, reduced labour combined with substantial reductions in material costs versus pre-made bags. Depending on the products to be packaged and the line feeding systems many customers can achieve production rates up to 70 packages per minute.

Flow Wrapper Cost Analysis

In the case of a grower/packer of sweet bell peppers, the total operational cost of packaging with a manual system, including the costs of bags and labour was $.20 per pack. With an RGD VR8 Indalo flow wrapper, the operational cost of the packaging is $.06 per pack.

Flow Wrapper Return on Investment Infographic by Crawford Packaging

Return on Investment (ROI)

The investment for a flow wrapper can range from $50,000 to $150,000.

Paybacks generally range from 6-9 months depending on production rates.

Beyond the financial payback there is also the ability to process product quicker which means fresher product to your customers.

** flow wrapper production rates and manpower taken from an actual customer implementation site.


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