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A Grower’s Canadian Food Guide

When the 2019 Canadian Food Guide was released, it caught some off guard. With no more food groups, a focus on sustainability, and a cutting back on historically-staple foods — it was packed full of innovative advice.

Simultaneously, one of the least and most shocking aspects of the Guide is its emphasis on fruits, veggies, and all things natural as a source of necessary nutrients. When it comes to meals, it’s recommended that at least half of your plate should consist of produce.

If you’re a grower who’s looking to capitalize on these new recommendations, we’ve got some packaging suggestions to help get your produce to the top of everyone’s shopping list:

grocery shelves with healthy food options
cherry tomatoes in convenience clamshell container


If there’s one thing that consumers are increasingly attracted to, it’s accessibility. Clamshell packaging, utilizing modern, innovative designs, create a user experience that prioritizes on-the-go dining.

If you’re packaging ready-to-eat produce, such as cherry tomatoes or raspberries, offering customers a package that can be reused at their convenience will set you apart.


Resealable Lidding Film

In the same trend for sustainable, reusable packaging, resealable lidding film can revolutionize the produce packaging experience. Trays are one of the most versatile forms of produce packaging, being made to fit produce of various sizes and shapes. When paired with a resealable lid, it eliminates the environmental impact of single-use materials.

red and green growpack resealable lidding film
tomatoes packaged in flow wrap with fibre tray on blue background

Fibre Trays

The Canadian Food Guide’s increased focus on the environmental impact of the food we eat has also put greater pressure on food packaging’s role on the environment. With consumers thinking more mindfully, it’s important to meet that increased demand with packaging that’s certified green.

In order to keep up, you’ve got to think outside of the box, or in this case, the tray.

Fibre trays are an increasingly popular option, not only for their affordability, but for their adaptability and recyclable properties. Depending on the material used, fibre trays will perform as well as plastic or styrofoam, while still being recyclable, compostable, or both.


Ready to Make Healthy Eating Easier?

The 2019 Canadian Food Guide brought new revelations about the importance of eating natural, plant-based foods. Produce, especially, can be a versatile and delicious part of a healthy diet — so contact one of our Packaging Specialists to find out what produce packaging will work best for you.

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