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Packaging Solutions for Marijuana Growers

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Packaging Guidelines for Marijuana Growers

Since the introduction of Medical Marijuana, Growers and Packers have had to maintain compliance with strict regulations on how to handle and store their products. With legalized recreational marijuana right around the corner, even more regulation is expected to come.

In November of 2017, the Government of Canada published the “Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis”.  The document aimed to inform Growers and Packers on the requirements of licensing, security, tracking and packaging. The guidelines were proposed to the House of Commons on October 5, 2017 and are subject to change.

The proposed packaging regulations for Growers highlight key aspects that include: 

  • Tamper-evident, child-resistant packaging
  • Preventing contamination while keeping cannabis dry and secure
  • Consistent with requirements of ACMPR
  • Packaging design, labels and printed warnings

Packaging Solutions for Marijuana Growers

Crawford Packaging offers Marijuana Growers a variety of packaging solutions for storage, shipping and disposal of their products. Crawford’s cannabis packaging products have been tested in the field by growers to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.

Bags for Growers and Distributors

One of the most important products for Marijuana Growers, Packers and Retailers is the bag. Bags must follow a set of rules that look to minimize the risk of theft and accidental consumption. All cannabis products, whether medical or otherwise, must be stored in tamper-evident packaging that keeps the product dry and is consistent with ACMPR requirements. Any end consumer packaging must also contain a child-resistant lock.

Crawford’s bagging solutions for Marijuana Growers and Packers are made from a strong barrier film that reduces smell and protects its contents. The enhanced barrier reduces the oxygen transfer rate of the product, helping to extend shelf life and maintain a consistent weight.

Bags are available in a variety of forms for storage and final sale. The bags come in white and black, with Grower’s Bags having a clear front panel.

  • Bud Bags
  • Child Guard Exit Bags
  • Growers Bags
  • Permanent Tape/Re-Sealable Bags

Bulk Marijuana Storage Products

Once the marijuana is picked it needs to be properly stored as it waits for processing. During storage, it is important that the products are kept secure and away from any possible contamination sources. Crawford’s temporary vacuum storage bags conserve plant weight and protect crops while in storage.

Crawford’s vacuum bag solutions help growers meet their inhouse storage needs. High barrier polyethylene film helps protect your products during storage and limits damage from abrasions and punctures. Bags are made from clear plastic and can be flexo-printed up to 10 colours. The airtight vacuum seal keeps product fresh and clearly displays any signs of tampering. Crawford vacuum bag solutions are available in a variety of sizes to meet crop yield and storage demands. 

corrugated cardboard texture with cannabis leaf imprint

Corrugated Cartons for Marijuana Growers

Corrugated boxes have been offering packers an effective cartoning solution for years. This is no different for Growers and Packers of Cannabis Products. Corrugated cartons have proven to be one of the most versatile, reliable and cost-efficient solutions for marijuana growers. Corrugated boxes are a standard when it comes to storing and shipping products. For marijuana growers, they are also an extremely effective solution for treating and disposing trimmings and waste.

After the fresh marijuana crop has been processed, the removed leaf and stem are incinerated. Before the disposal process is completed, the gathered plant trimmings are treated with harsh chemicals. The treatment process renders the active components of the plant inert. This limits the risks to people and the environment during the incineration process.

Our Packaging Specialist have worked closely with Growers in the Medicinal Marijuana industry and have identified corrugated materials to be the most effective material for the disposal process. Many Growers use large, reusable plastic totes for the treatment and transportation of waste. The tubs, however, are unable to stand up to the treatment process and quickly begin to break down. Treated corrugated boxes have shown the capability to be used through multiple treatments, at a fraction of the cost.


Enhance Corrugated Security with Water-Activated Tape

A key aspect of the ACMPR and Government of Canada regulations is tamper-evident packaging. This aims to help reduce the risk of theft and improve the traceability of cannabis products. This includes bags with tamper evident seals, labels with in-depth weight and lot traceability information and rigorous product tracking and reporting systems. These all combine to ensure the safe and legal distribution and sale of cannabis products.

Water-activated tape, or WAT, offers Growers and Packers the enhanced security they require for shipping their products via corrugated box. WAT tape uses strong, starch-based adhesives that penetrate the boxes material. This forms a penetrating, destructive bond that makes it virtually impossible to open without clear signs of tampering.

white barcode labels on cardboard boxes in a row of three

Labeling Equipment for Marijuana Growers

Proper labeling is a key aspect of the ACMPR’s proposed guidelines for marijuana growers. Labeling is required on all products, whether they are bulk packaged by Growers or a Dispensers consumer packaged product. Label information must contain the product packed, lot number, weight or volume depending on the product and more.

Crawford Packaging offers a range of printers in print and apply label machines, industrial inkjet printers and thermal transfer printer formats. This provides Growers with the flexibility to choose a printer that meets their packaging needs. Solutions are available for both automated packaging lines and Growers and Packers who use manual packaging methods.

automatic case sealing machine sealing white corrugated cases with clear poly tape

Automated Packaging Solutions for Marijuana Growers

One of Crawford Packaging’s areas of expertise is the development and implementation of automated packaging solutions. Crawford has worked with world leaders in automation for fresh produce growers, industrial manufacturers and large packaging and distribution centers around the world. This has helped Crawford become a leader in automation in Ontario.

Crawford’s commitment to Growers has created new automated solutions for cannabis growers. Our Packaging Specialists and technicians have worked with leaders in automated bagging, weighing and labeling technology to develop and test automated solution. These solutions aim to assist Growers by reduce labour requirements, increasing accuracy and improving packaging times.

Complete Solutions for Marijuana Growers and Packers

Crawford Packaging is a leader in providing turnkey packaging solutions for a variety of markets across North America. We offer a full range of services and are the only full-service packaging and materials suppliers in Canada. Our complete solutions are capable of consolidating your packaging, janitorial and health and safety needs into one order.

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