Packaging Machine Installation

Crawford Packaging’s factory trained and certified Service Team install a wide array of packaging equipment. Consisting of licensed Millwrights and Electricians, our team develops turn-key packaging machine solutions to improve productivity and throughput. We have the expertise to get the job done right, from single units all the way to completely integrated packaging lines and systems.

Doug Crowe, Sam Capson and Stuart Jackson with Packaging Automation Revolution Machine

“Excellent work by Don—very efficient and worked well with our employees. The operation and details of the machine were explained clearly to all involved.”

What to Expect During Your Installation

What to Expect During Your Packaging Machine Installation

When you invest in new packaging equipment; you want it installed right the first time. At Crawford Packaging, our factory-trained and certified technicians have worked with our equipment suppliers on the wide variety of machines to understand their specifications and unique requirements. With expert training, our service team manages all aspects of your new packaging equipment installation and will complete all mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic hook ups.

Packaging Machine Pre-Installation

Due to the varying needs and requirements of each machine install, your Packaging Specialist will work with your installation Technician to plan an onsite inspection. This inspection will help determine an installation plan for your newly purchased machine. Using this information, your installation team will develop a detailed Installation Proposal and an Installation Checklist. This will help you to understand the installation process and prepare the site for your new packaging equipment.

Packaging Equipment Installation Process

Once your new packaging machine is ready Crawford Packaging’s Technicians will contact you to schedule an onsite prep meeting to go over the client checklist. An installation appointment will then be scheduled and your installation can begin.  


Sam Capson, Produce Technical / Automation Manager, Installing shrink wrapper.


Benefits of Crawford installations

The Crawford Packaging Benefit

With over 50 years of experience, our Packaging Equipment Technicians have the knowledge to install, upgrade and modify a variety of packaging machinery. With expert understanding and pre-installation preparation, our team will make sure your packaging machine is installed and calibrated to your packaging solutions specific needs.

After Installation Training
Our job is not completed after your new packaging machine has been installed.

At Crawford Packaging, we make sure your newly installed equipment runs at peak efficiency and stays that way. It is, for this reason, we offer training for packaging equipment operators and maintenance teams.

Training Areas

  • Operator Training

  • Safety Training

  • Maintenance Training

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Packaging Machine Maintenance

We design your custom comprehensive preventative maintenance program

Crawford Packaging feels very strongly about the importance of supporting our customers and the packaging solutions we provide. Consequently, we offer complete preventative maintenance plans designed to prevent packaging machine issues before they become problems.  Our Packaging Equipment Technicians will work with you to design a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure your packaging solution will operate at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan.

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