Machine Repair

Support makes all the difference. Crawford Packaging’s dedicated Service Team is just a phone call away.

At Crawford Packaging, we pride ourselves on the support we offer our customers. That is why we are one of the only packaging equipment vendors in Canada that offer packaging machine repairs. This allows for our Technicians to work with a piece of packaging machine from installation till the end of its life cycle.

Packaging Equipment Technicians

We understand the complexity and skills required to properly repair the advanced machines we sell. To support these machines, we staff a full team of highly trained and skilled technicians. This support includes packaging machine installation, machine upgrading, and machine maintenance and repair.

Our team of factory trained and certified technicians are available for onsite service calls, perfect for large machinery. In house repair services are available for smaller pieces of equipment. This would include equipment such as water-activated tape dispensers, strapping tools and heat sealing machines. Each of our skilled technicians works extensively with each packaging machines we sell.

Tim Strecker, Parts & Service Manager, installing a Top Seal Machine.

Packaging Machine Repair Process

When you experience a packaging machine break down, response time is the key. The faster we can repair your packaging equipment, the faster you can continue operations and ship your products.


Initial Contact and Packaging Equipment Diagnostics

Once you have contacted Crawford Packaging with a needed repair we will schedule an initial consultation. The consultation allows our Technicians to perform a full packaging equipment diagnostic. The diagnostic will look to identify the current packaging machine break down, and any probable causes for the damage.

Packaging Equipment Parts

We stock and hold a wide variety of parts for all our packaging equipment lines. Having parts on hand allows for timely repairs and reduces lengthy weight times.

When a required part is not currently in stock we work closely with our equipment partners to receive one as quickly as possible. Our preferred partner status with equipment manufacturers means that we ship many standard production parts same day as ordered.

Packaging Machine Repair

With all the needed parts on hand, our skilled technicians will begin your repair. Our technician will come to your facility and work with you and any in-house staff to ensure a timely repair. 

Working with In-House Repair Teams: Do you have your own packaging equipment repair team? Visit our Packaging Machine Replacement Parts section to learn more about ordering replacement parts.

Emergency Packaging Equipment Repair: Crawford Packaging’s team of technicians are available for expedited same day dispatch service for situations that require immediate action.

Types of Machines We Repair

Packaging Equipment We Repair

Crawford Packaging Service technicians, service all major brands packaging equipment systems and packaging equipment solutions.


Stretch Wrapper Repair

Our Technicians support, service and repair a full range of pallet wrapper systems. Types of Stretch Wrappers we service are turntable, rotary arm, straddle, pallet wrapper with scale, mobile pallet wrapper, fully automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

Stretch Wrap Machine brands we routinely service: Lantech Stretch Wrap Machines, MacWrap Stretch Wrappers, Orion Pallet Wrapper, Wulftec Stretch Wrappers, Muller Pallet Wrapper Systems, and more.

Shrink Wrap Machine Repair

Our Technicians repair a variety of shrink wrap machines. Our Technicians can repair fully and semi-automatic sleeve wrappers, L Bar Sealers, Shrink Tunnels and Form Fill Shrink Systems.

Shrink Wrap Machine brands we service include: Conflex Wrappers, Damark Shrink Packaging Systems, Lantech Pallet Shrink Wrap Machines, RBS Packaging Systems, Muller Shrink Wrapper Systems, Shanklin Wrapping Machines and more.


Case Sealer Repair

Our Technicians repair automatic and semi-automatic case sealers in both uniform and random sized box formats.

Case Sealing Machine brands we service include: Loveshaw Little David Case Sealers, 3M Sealers, Intertape Interpack Sealers and more.

Case Erector Repair

Our Technicians repair and service a variety of case erecting equipment in both automatic and semi-automatic formats.

Case Erecting Machine brands we service includes: Loveshaw Little David.

Labeling Machine Repair

Our Technicians support, service and repair a variety of Labeling machines and applicators.  This includes man print only labelers, print and apply labeling systems and microjet printers.

Labeling Machine brands we service include: Loveshaw Little David, Microjet, Labelling Technologies and Toshiba.

Gummed Tape Dispenser Repair

Our technicians, repair a full range of packaging equipment systems including manual tape dispensers and automatic tape dispensers.

Tape Dispensing Machine brands we service include: Better Pack, Phoenix Tape and Marsh Taper.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Prevent the need of costly equipment repairs with Crawford Packaging’s Preventative Maintenance Program.