Packaging Machine Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrading your existing packaging equipment can be a very cost-effective alternative to replacing some units or systems. Let Crawford Packaging’s knowledgeable staff evaluate the feasibility and benefits of upgrading your present packaging equipment to improve its effectiveness in your existing packaging solution. We offer a broad assortment of equipment upgrades and retrofits to improve the performance and prolong the useful life of your packaging machinery.


When to Upgrade Your Packaging Machine

Does Your Packaging Equipment Need Upgrading?

When To Upgrade Your Packaging Equipment

The signs that an existing piece of packaging equipment or an entire packaging solution will need an upgrade will vary based on the business and equipment type. Some reasons for upgrading include:

  • An increase in packing volume becomes too strenuous for existing equipment

  • New product requirements or specifications that require a slightly different packaging process or material

  • When a piece of equipment starts losing its efficiencies, requiring regular downtime and is costing you money

  • When a repair will cost you more than 50% of the cost of new equipment

Types of Equipment Upgrades Available

  • Film Delivery Systems

  • Top Sheet and Tier Sheet Dispensers

  • Film Clamp, Cut, and Seal Modules

  • Load Size, Speed, and Performance Enhancements

  • Conveyors and Load Handling Devices

  • Controls and Logic for Automated Systems

  • Film Roll Hoists

  • Pallet Grip and Film Roping Devices

  • Scale Package and Floor Level Installation

  • Automatic Pallet Shield Dispenser

How to Upgrade Your Equipment

Looking to Buy or Lease a Packaging Machine?

We provide a wide-range of new packaging equipment for a variety of markets and businesses. Crawford Packaging will work with you to find the right packaging equipment to fit your needs. For more information about our new packaging equipment visit our Packaging Equipment section. If you are currently looking for used equipment, browse our listings in the Used Packaging Equipment section. For more information about our programs including leasing and the possibility of trading in your used packaging equipment please contact us at or via phone at 1-800-265-4993