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Advantages of Shrink Wrapping for Various Industries

photo of shrink wrapped green english cucumbers on packflight conveyor

Shrink Wrapping is used in a variety of different industries from paper products to car parts.

Below we explore a collection of different industries and learn how shrink wrap provides different benefits for each application.

Shrink Wrapping Printed Materials

Shrink wrapping print material is still one of the largest of all market segments for this product category. Once dominated by PVC films, the introduction of the low shrink force polyolefins has dramatically eroded the PVC domination of this market. Businesses involved in this segment range from small job shop printers up to large business form producers and office supply manufacturers. Gone are the days of contracting these jobs out, as most companies and manufacturers now perform the packaging within their own facilities.

Shrink Wrap For Packaged Foods

Major applications include frozen pizza, ice cream and frozen foods. The fastest growing trend is the process of multi-pack products for sale at big box retailers and club stores. The use of shrink film offers the benefits of enhanced visual appeal, tamper evidence and prolonged shelf life, through the prevention of freezer burn.

Shrink Packaging For Hardware and Houseware

Hardware and Houseware is a broad category with a tremendous variety of products being shrink wrapped. From tools to plastic bowls, shrink fulfills the need once served by corrugated and blister packaging.

Shrink Wrap Film For Toys, Games and Sporting Goods

Shrink wrap is used here to assure tamper resistant product integrity and offer the consumer visual appeal. Plastic models, puzzles and games all benefit from the security of shrink film.

Shrink Wrap Packaging For Pharmaceuticals

Spurred by the need for security and tamper-evidence, this market has grown in recent years. Providing lower cost alternatives to processes like PVC shrink bands, shrink offers the ability to reduce costs through multi-packing with film vs. other packaging alternatives.

Shrink Wrapped Stationary, Cards and Gift Wrap

PVC films are still widely used to protect these easily damaged products and improve appearance although new technology and reduced energy and thin gauge films have had a major impact on these product categories. Today's soft shrink films afford the opportunity to introduce polyolefin films into this market.

Shrink Wrap For Video Tapes and CD’s

Once again with security, tamper evidence and product quality in mind today's audio visual markets rely heavily on the evolving shrink technologies available. New generations of thin gauge high quality shrink films are almost impossible to remove without mechanical assistance of some kind.

Shrink wrapping is widely used across the spectrum of industries and is finding its way into new segments daily. The retail appeal and security offered insures growth for the future.


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