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How to Eliminate 5 Common Shrink Wrap Issues with the Shanklin Triumph 2

Are You Experiencing These 5 Common Shrink Packaging Issues?

  1. Changes in Productivity Between Packaging Shifts

  2. High Shrink Film Re-wraps

  3. High Shrink Film Usage

  4. High Shrink Wrapper Downtime

  5. High Labour Costs

The Shanklin Triumph 2 is an automatic form-fill-seal wrapper that is perfect for applications that require more advanced features and speed compared to what a typical L-Bar Sealer offers.

tissue boxes being wrapped with shrink film on shanklin triumph 2 shrink wrapper

1. Changes in Productivity Between Packaging Shift

  • Keeps a recipe record of all the adjustment parameters (electrical, mechanical and shrink film).

  • Any shift will operate the machine the same and achieve the same desired results.

  • Understand the previous shift’s events and activities with production timers (stopped/running/waiting for the product) and a fault log.

hand holding shrink wrapped fruit bar in front of sealed air shanklin heat tunnel

2. High Shrink Film Re-wraps

packs of english cucumbers being wrapped with shanklin triumph 2 shrink wrapper

3. High Shrink Film Usage

  • Typical L-Bar Sealers consume around 1-2 more inches of shrink film than the Shanklin Triumph 2.

  • The form-fill-seal design creates a tube of shrink film around the product and then seals either side with the continuous motion end seal.

  • Less film is required to create the shrink film tube

  • The winder design allows for smaller width film scrap tails to be pulled/wound.

service technician installing shanklin triumph 2 shrink wrap machine at greenhouse grower facility

4. High Shrink Wrapper Downtime

  • The Triumph 2 is equipped with minimal maintenance components

  • Easy tool-less adjustments for main elements of the shrink wrapper

  • Touchscreen alerts the operator of an issue and how to fix it

  • Reliable hot knife side sealer for maximum performance

  • Allen Bradley controls

person manually shrink wrapping a product with a l-bar sealer

5. High Labour Costs

  • Easy setup – 25 recipe design

  • Past pack recipes can be changed over and run in under five minutes.

  • All parameters for products are stored and recalled prior to changeovers

  • More film footage on a roll equals less film roll changeovers during a shift


4 More Money Savings Features of the Shanklin Triumph 2

icon of circle with check mark

1. Easy Operation

  • 8 language options

  • Manual package adjustments utilize digital displays to allow for repeatability and quick set-up.

  • Batch/product counting

  • Operator/parameter lockout

  • History information allows business to evaluate packaging, productivity and training.

icon of three machine gears in blue

2. Minimal Maintenance

  • Simple loading and changeover of rolls of shrink film.

  • Quick access to key areas for maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Easy access swing-out electrical box

  • The Shanklin Triumph 2 utilizes AC motors, low voltage switching, communication nodes and lubrication free pneumatics.

solid blue icon of a speedometer

3. High Speed

  • Fast conveyor belt speed up to 90 feet per minute

  • Easily capable of up to 60 packs per minute depending on pack dimensions.

  • Generates the right product spacing on the fly from randomly presented products

icon of four arrows pointing outwards

4. Increased Flexibility

  • Small or large products

  • Multi-packs or single packs

  • Adjustable needle perforator with brush roller

  • Thick or thin seal profiles

  • Optional in-feed module adjusts to the speed of the Triumph 2 – the Triumph 2 is designed to ‘plug and play’ with existing in-feed modules.

  • Operate as a pass-thru conveyor when no shrinking required.

shrink it right icon on top of orange colour background of a shrink wrap line

Shrink It Right

Have you been experiencing poor shrink-wrapping performance? The Shrink It Right program audits existing shrink wrap equipment, materials and process. Shrink It Right will identify areas of inefficiency and design new solutions to increase productivity and product quality. This can include updated shrink wrap equipment and materials or improve wrapping standards to increase quality and improve material use.


Shrink It Right with Crawford Packaging

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