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Variables That Affect Overall Shrink Wrap Costs

There is a big difference between how much you pay for something and what it costs you to use it. When you are only focused on the price you pay instead of the cost per package in your operations lots of money gets wasted. In the world of packaging many of the consumable products are sold by the roll, case and pound which becomes the standard and the comparative.

Unfortunately for the consumer this can be very misleading and ultimately very expensive. To simplify this it really doesn’t matter how much you pay for a roll of shrink film, what really counts is how much will it cost you to wrap each one of your packages. 

There are many variables that can affect your overall package costs and most of them if not all are in your control.

  1. Film Type Matching Product and Application

  2. Film Gauge – Yield per Roll

  3. Optimized Film width – Scrap/Offcut Reduction

  4. Shrink Wrap Equipment Selection and Upkeep

In negotiating a price to purchase shrink film you may save a few percentage points on the acquisition. The real dollar savings are found in application and cost analysis and many times represent major bottom line dollars that can affect profitability.

Modern film engineering has provided a whole new selection of high performance films that have changed the rules even in the last 5 years. Industry standards in this category that were market standards for gauge have now been rewritten. For example going from an industry standard a few years back of 60 gauge shrink film to the new generation 42 gauge shrink films can potentially represent savings up to 20% with no sacrifice of package integrity or quality.


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