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Do I Really Need a Stretch Wrapper?

turntable stretch wrapper in manufacturing facility with green floor

When you’re wrapping 15 to 20 or more pallets a day it may be easier than you think to justify the cost of automating your operations with the purchase of a stretch wrap machine for your operations.

Here is why moving from manually applied hand films to machine applied films carry major benefits.

Here Are the 5 Major Benefits of a Stretch Wrap Machine

  1. Faster Wrap Times

  2. Reduced Labor and Material Costs

  3. Improved Load Integrity

  4. Consistent Load Quality

  5. Reduced Operator Fatigue

Whether you are a small operation or a large consumer of stretch film with multiple machines regular audits and assessments of your stretch film packaging provides tremendous benefits and substantial cost savings.

Most of our clients are unaware that even machines as new as 2 years old can be running at a 50% reduction in performance compared to when they were installed.

When wear and tear and lack of Preventative Maintenance allows these machines to slip and under perform the cost per pallet for stretch wrapping can increase.

We have a complete range and selection of the best equipment available in the packaging market today. From simple and easy to use Semi-Automatic systems that are fork lift portable and operator friendly to large state of the art fully automatic conveyorized installations we can provide a complete turn key solution that can move your products and your company.

To maximize equipment performance ensure that the stretch film you are using matches not only the stretch wrap machine but the product you are wrapping.


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