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How to Buy the Right Stretch Film

How to Buy Stretch Film

6 Things to Ask Yourself About Your Stretch Film Application

  1. What is the required level of hold force retention?
  2. Stretch Film Will load require greater puncture resistance or tear resistance?
  3. Is load value high or low? Ex: High value loads may need to conceal contents (see: opaque black stretch film)
  4. Is shipping distance short or long and by what method?
  5. Storage conditions. Ex: If Long term outside, may need UV stretch film.
  6. Does product require a specialty stretch film? Such as: uvi stretch films, vci stretch films, heavy gauge films, roll wrap films, bundling film, banding film, wide web pallet wrap, vented stretch wrap, stretch wrap netting, pallet covers and top sheeting film, anti-static stretch wrap, etc.

4 More Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Stretch Equipment & Operation

  1. Will packaging operations require a quiet unwind stretch film machine film (ex: cast) or very high decibels of noise is tolerable (ex: blown)?
  2. Is higher production speed, stabler loads and cost efficiency important?
  3. Will film need to allow scanning of bar codes or reading of labels?
  4. What size and gauge of film is required?

The Stretch Wrapped Load

  • What is the pallet /load profile? (ex: height, weight)
  • What is the Load Stacking Pattern? (ex: column, interlocked, mixed)
  • Is the load profile type A, B or C?
  • Stretch Wrap Calculations?
    • Easily calculate stretch film roll weight, roll length and film thickness conversion (micron : gauge).

Stretch Film Specifications for Common Machine Film and Hand Wrap

  • Microns per gauge
  • Roll weights per gauge
  • Case weights per gauge

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