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The Benefits of Machine Applied Stretch Film

Benefits of Machine Stretch Film

The purpose of using stretch wrap is to secure a load to a pallet. Many shipping departments start using hand wrap and when volumes increase over time, keep using the same solution... Because it’s always been done that way.

Machine Applied Stretch Film can be a key to unlock savings and provide better quality shipping results.

Hand Wrapping vs. Machine Applied Stretch Film

Our customer in the vegetable canning industry frequently used stretch hand wrap to secure and protect their products.

After looking at the purchase history of the customer, it was found that they were spending too much money on hand wrap per year. It was time to introduce the customer to a Machine Applied Stretch Film system which could increase their productivity.

This system could decrease the amount of stretch film used and reduce labour costs as well.

Our main challenge with this solution was that the customer had always though that machine applied stretch film would not work properly with the product packaging and thought the stretch wrap would tear while being applied.

Stretch Wrap Equipment Solution

After carefully assessing the customers’ wants and needs with machine applied stretch film, a solution was found that would increase the strength of the stretch wrap.

Our Crawford Packaging Specialist knew that by adding roping bars to the machine, it would increase the strength of the stretch wrap. This would solve the potential problem of the stretch wrap breaking while being applied.

With this solution, the customer no longer has to worry about the thought of machine applied stretch film not working with its particular product.

Payback with Machine Applied Stretch Wrap

Since purchasing a stretch wrap machine to apply stretch wrap, our customer has reduced its annual purchase of stretch wrap by $8,700.

As well, they have decreased labour costs by $4,800 a year.

The customer will own a new Wulftec Stretch Wrapper with a payback in less than 9 months.

The purpose of stretch wrap is to secure a load to a pallet. This is done more consistently using a machine than with using hand wrap.

At the end of the day, the customer receives cost savings and a better solution!


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