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5 Ways Precisionrap Stretch Wrap System Will Save You Money

What is Hand Stretch Wrap?

Hand-applied stretch film offers packagers a versatile pallet wrapping solution. Hand stretch wrap is often used as an alternative to stretch wrap equipment for businesses with low volumes. However, it is also an efficient and effective solution for business with limited floor space or those that want the ability to wrap pallets on-the-go. Available in both cast film or blown film, hand wrap films reduce damages and increase load containment.

man holding roll of blue hand stretch wrap wrapping a pallet in a warehouse by hand

Pitfalls of Traditional Hand Stretch Film

Although hand applied stretch film is an effective packaging solution, it does have its drawbacks.

  1. High Operator Fatigue: Hand stretch films can be quite heavy, sold by the pound and applied to cardboard cores. Rolls can weigh as much as 4-8 pounds per roll. The heavy rolls make hand wrap difficult to apply to a pallet and increase worker strain over time. This can lead to employees getting strain and motion injuries.
  2. High Risk of Worker Injury: Hand stretch applicators are commonly used while walking backwards. This method of application can be dangerous as the user is unable to see what is behind them. Employees commonly trip over pallet edges.
  3. Inconsistent Containment: The manual application process can result in inconsistent containment strength. Hand stretch film requires strong pulling force to create the necessary stretch rates. The stretch rates of the film dictate the strength of containment. When employees become fatigued these stretch rates can decline and loads become unstable.
  4. Increased Packaging Waste: Traditional rolls of stretch film can become damaged easily. Once a roll has been damaged, either by being dropped or struck, it is no longer usable. This is the result of damaged folds of the film becoming compressed together. Once compressed, the film is very difficult to separate, and the rolls can become unusable.

5 Ways Precisionrap Will Save Your Business Money

The PrecisionrapXL system uses its advanced design to help increase hand stretch film efficiency and reduce film waste. The ergonomic hand dispenser helps to reduce the injury and strain of traditional hand film application methods. These key benefits of the PrecisionrapXL help drive down the costs associated with hand wrapping loads. 

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1) Increased Productivity

The PrecisionrapXL systems ability to increase the length of the stretch film allows for more pallets to be wrapped per roll. The PrecisionrapXL system can increase pallets wrapped per roll by 63% over traditional hand wrap. The ergonomic handle design reduces fatigue and allows employees to safely maneuver around skids, walking forwards for the duration of the wrap process. This allows employees to wrap skids faster, further increasing productivity and pallet throughput.

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2) Reduced Waste

The use of pre-stretch film, combined with the 33% additional stretch rate ensures that the film receives the maximum stretch possible. This added stretch reduces the raw material required to wrap a single load. Unlike traditional stretch film rolls, PrecisionrapXL coreless rolls are not easily damaged when dropped. The pre-stretched, coreless rolls and reusable plastic center core are able to withstand the drops and dings that come from day-to-day use. The added protection of the PrecisionrapXL system ensures that you use every foot of film on each roll. The increase in film use results in 54% reduction in film consumption rates.

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3) Benefits to Employee Health

The easy to use PrecisionrapXL system is designed to allow operators to walk forward unlike traditional hand applicators. This helps to reduce injuries from trip and fall accidents during the wrapping process. The ergonomic design eliminates the need to walk backward while bent over; reducing back strains and pulls caused when operators are required to stretch and bend to reach the top and bottom of the load. The coreless rolls and dispensing system provide operators with an effective and ergonomic alternative to applying the stretch film by hand. When applied by hand, the cardboard cores used with traditional wrapping systems can create friction, burning, and even cutting an operators hands.

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4) Reduced Worker Insurance Claims

Along with the benefits to operator health and safety, the PrecisionrapXL system is the only system on the market that does the work for the operator. Reducing the effort necessary to create the desired containment while keeping the operator in control. This reduces the fatigue and strain on the operator that can lead to costly insurance claims. PrecisionrapXL is proven to significantly reduce musculoskeletal disorders, hazards, and employee fatigue.

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5) Reduced Damages

Through the use of pre-stretched film and the added 33% of additional stretch of the PrecisionrapXL system, loads will receive a stronger more consistent wrap than traditional hand wrapping. Increased stretch rates provide loads with stronger containment force, locking products to the pallet and preventing damage during transit. The ergonomic benefits offered by the system, as well as the reduced strength to operate, ensures that operators achieve consistent containment no matter how long they have been wrapping.

The PrecisionrapXL system delivers multiple benefits that lead to a healthier, more productive hand wrapping solution for businesses. PrecisionrapXL stretch wrap system will add an increased level of stability, safety, and security to your stretch wrapping solution.

The Future of Hand Wrapping a Pallet

PrecisionrapXL Stretch Wrapping System

The PrecisionrapXL stretch wrapping system is a revolution in the hand application of stretch film. The PrecisionrapXL system uses pre-stretch film that results in a lighter, easier to use roll. The rolls are wound coreless, saving additional weight and materials.

PrecisionrapXL’s unwinding systems add additional stretch to the pre-stretched film at a consistent rate of 33%. This increases the applied length and consistency of the stretch film from 1500 ft. to 2000 ft.. The increased stretch rate also provides a higher rate of containment. The gears on the dispenser’s roller system ensures that each pallet wrapped will have the same containment force at the top, middle and bottom of the pallet.  The system eliminates the need to bend and reach to wrap the bottom and tops of the pallet.

Precisionrap XL Stretch Wrap

Wrap It Right With Crawford Packaging

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