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Improving Hygiene and Reducing Contaminants in Food Preparation with Antibacterial Towels

Case Study: Food Processing


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a Client in the Food Processing market who was having issues meeting desired contaminant levels for their products. Employees were using a 30 second hand washing time to remove contaminants before handling products. This process was resulting in long hand washing periods and employees having difficulty meeting desired standards.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist met with the Food Processor to assess their current hand washing process. Meeting with the Quality Assurance department the Packaging Specialist reviewed the Food Processors existing cleaning solution. An in-depth discovery led to the recommendation of new cleaning products and practices. These changes improved the Food Processors cleaning practices, met contaminant requirements and reduced their paper towel consumption rate.

Chef washing hands before preparing meals


A Food Processor was having issues achieving desired contamination rates due to inefficient hand washing methods. Employees were required to soap and wash their hands for 30 seconds and would then use a disposable paper towel to dry. This process was often not correctly followed by employees who did not wash for the required 30 seconds. Employees were also using excessive amounts of paper towel to dry their hands.

Did You Know Paper Towels Are the Most Hygienic Way to Dry Your Hands?

This inforgraphic highlights the average number of virus particles spread using various drying techniques.

Infographic explaining the spread of viruses and the benefits of using paper towles over a hand dryer to dry your hands


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Food Processors facility for an extensive discovery process. Meeting with Quality Assurance, the Packaging Specialist reviewed their existing practices. To start, the Packaging Specialist assessed the Food Processors cleaning stations. The Food Processor was using antibacterial soap and standard paper towels. This process can be ineffective as antibacterial soaps require users to wash their hands for 20-30 seconds.

With a complete analysis of the cleaning process, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist proposed switching to disposable antibacterial towels. These towels would allow the Food Processor to transition to a non-antibacterial hand soap. The disposable antibacterial towels would perform the job of the soap while providing extended bacteria protection. A test dispenser was provided to the client to complete their in house bacteria testing process. The test showed that employees using normal soap and the antibacterial towels showed significantly lower bacteria levels.

Cascades Antibacterial hand towel roll


Cascades Antibacterial hand towel is the only product that optimizes hand hygiene. This innovative product significantly reduces the quantity of residual bacteria. When they contact water, these antibacterial towels release a maximum of 0.1% of Benzalkonium Chloride. The cleaner is transferred to the hands providing up to 2 hours of lasting protection. A user’s hands are protected from future contamination, an important benefit not offered by most hand hygiene products. Unlike other antibacterial products, Cascade antibacterial hand towel has no expiration date. This ensures that 100% of your purchased product will be used.


This knowledge based cleaning solution has helped the client reach their acceptable contaminant level. The antibacterial hand towels have improved worker hygiene creating a cleaner environment.  The towel dispensers provide employees with pre-cut lengths of disposable towel. This has helped to ensure proper portioning and use, greatly reducing consumption rates.

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