Automatic Sleeving & Cartoning Machines

Here at Crawford, we take pride in helping our clients solve their product packaging needs by providing the full solution, from consumable to equipment. Automatic sleeving and end load carton machines can greatly reduce packaging times and provide consistency.

Applying sleeves by hand can be time-consuming, and often involves multiple steps from folding and gluing to packing – our lineup of machines can take care of the entire process to improve packaging efficiency. Automatic sleeving and end load carton machines can support multiple packaging formats including trays and pots of any shape. We offer a wide range of fully automatic sleeving and cartoning machines that can provide high performance and reliability.

Keymac K101/K101F & K101S Automatic Sleeving Machine

The Keymac 101 series are fully automatic sleeving machines that can package between 60 to 75 packs per minute. The cardboard food sleeves can be in a pre-glued format making the packaging process faster and more efficient. The K101 series is the most ideal for the apple, pepper, and tomato markets. They can run a variety of sizes of trays and pots unlike other automatic sleeving machines on the market.


Keymac K101XL & K101SXL Automatic Sleeving Machine

The Keymac 101XL series are fully automatic sleeving machines that can package up to 70 packs per minute. The K101XL series are the most ideal for the apple, pepper, and tomato markets. They can run larger sleeves and trays unlike any other automatic sleeving machine on the market. These automatic sleeving machines can reduce maintenance and labour costs significantly making the packaging process more profitable for companies.


Keymac KIM3 Automatic Cartoning Machine

The Keymac KIM3 machine is a fully automatic end load cartoning machine that can package up to 40 packs per minute in intermittent motion. The KIM3 machine is most ideal for the frozen ready-made meal market. This machine can package products for non-food markets such as pharmaceutical and automotive products. This machine provides the full solution by opening, loading, and sealing the cartons unlike any other end load cartoning machines.


Benefits of Sleeving and Cartoning

Up to 460% Increased Throughput

Plastic-free Packaging


Up to 75 Packs per Minute


Extremely Versatile

Some popular applications for Keymac’s automatic sleeving machines include fresh produce such as apple, peppers, tomato packs, and ready-made meals. As well, Keymac’s end load cartoning machines have other popular applications including frozen ready-made meals, pharmaceutical, and automotive products. 

The sleeves and cartons that are compatible with Keymac’s automatic sleeving and end load cartoning machines are unique. The cardboard food sleeves, trays, and cartons can vary in size while having a quick change over time on the machine. Our trays are 100% recyclable as they use 0% plastic. All the sleeves, trays, and cartons are completely customizable and printable to fit your branding.

Always by Your Side

From the start to the finish, our team is with you, taking care of your equipment at every stage of the way!

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