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Welcome to Crawford Packaging and a whole new way to look at consumable packaging products and automation to drive your performance and bottom line. It is our goal here to provide resources, tools and information relevant to your business and production needs.

We don’t just sell products and services, we provide performance and results in all aspects of your business, in a new and refreshing way.


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Crawford Pillars

Who Are Our Supply Channel Partners?

Crawford Packaging has been delivering knowledge-based packaging solutions for over 50 years. Our highly trained team of Packaging Specialists have worked extensively with businesses to develop incredible cost saving results. This expertise has led to the development of Crawford’s Pillars.

What Are the Crawford Pillars?

Over the years Crawford Packaging has become an expert in packaging. We work with industry leading packaging equipment and materials suppliers to understand how even small changes can make a big impact. This has led to the development of a core set of programs that focus on packaging performance.

We have taken these core concepts and develop comprehensive packaging programs for our core product offerings.