Shrink Wrap Machines

Keep Your Packaging Costs Down with Our Selection of Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature sensitive films. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering. Shrink wrapping equipment is available for a variety of product sizes and in both automatic and semi-automatic formats. At Crawford Packaging, we can help you find the right shrink wrap machines that are tailored to your operation’s unique needs.

One of the shrink wrap equipment machines available in ON


L Sealing Shrink Wrappers are the optimal shrink film applicator for smaller product sizes. A heated arm is raised and lowered as products pass underneath. Shrink film is then heated and sealed around the product. This ensures the proper amount of shrink film is applied to each product.


Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrappers

Automatic side seal shrink wrap machines are high speed continuous motion shrink packagers. A conveyor system moves products through the machine while mechanical arms trim and seal the shrink film. The continues pace allows for faster pack times and in-feed systems ensure the right amount of shrink film is applied.


Shrink Tunnels

Shrink tunnels are the heart of shrink wrap systems. Shrink tunnels move products along conveyor systems while maintaining an even consistent temperature. This improves the shrink wrap process allowing for equal wrap application around the entire product.

Shrink Bundling

Shrink Bundling machines use a horizontal sealing arm to wrap trays of products like cans. A Shrink Bundler is a great secondary packaging application for finished products ready for unitization.


Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Improved Shrink Wrap Efficiency

Shrink wrap packaging machines provide a quick and efficient alternative to hand shrinking your products. Previously employees would spend valuable time using hand held heat guns to cause the shrinking process. With shrink tunnel technology, we can streamline the shrinking process. Wrapped products travel through the tunnel on a moving conveyor ensuring an even shrink. The hands-free process allows for increased throughput and faster pack times.

Eliminate Harmful Burns and Fires

Hand held heat guns are often fueled by propane and can be very dangerous. Operating at temperatures upwards of 600 degrees Celsius heat guns can cause serious burns or fires. Shrink Wrap machines eliminate these dangers by containing the heat for the shrinking process. Shrink tunnels have protected openings and safety features to limit the risk of employee injury and fires.

Shrink Wrap Machines Are Small

Take back your floor space. Shrink wrap equipment can offer a smaller profile than other containment options. Shrink system consists of two parts. The sealer and the shrink tunnel. These components can be installed right next to each other or farther apart, depending on available space.

Space gains with shrink wrap are not limited to the machines. In many cases the products being wrap will be reduced in size. This reduction in size will increase available space for product storage. This benefit can translate directly in to cost savings by reducing freight costs due to increased shipping volumes.

Shrink It Right

The Shrink It Right program guarantees an annual cost savings of up to 30%.

Shrink It Right

The Shrink It Right program works with clients to audit and review their existing shrink wrap practices, materials and equipment. The program will identify areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. The Shrink It Right program has helped a wide variety of clients from e-commerce fulfillment centers to food processors. Through the Shrink It Right program our clients have realized savings of up to 30%.

Buy It Right

Financing Program

Simplify Packaging Equipment Purchases

No Capital Approvals

Conserve Cash

No Complication with Financing Institutions

Pay for Your New Equipment Through Automation Savings

Go Green.

Shrink Wrap Machines Reduce Waste

Shrink wrap machines allow for precise trimming and application of shrink films. A manual or automatic trim and sealer ensures that excess film is removed and can be easily recycled. Precise trimming also improves product appearance, eliminating unsightly shrink tales and wrinkles.