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Shrink Bundling

Damark shrink bundlers are ideal shrink wrap packaging solutions for multipacks and bundles. All Damark shrink bundling systems include digital temperature control quick product change overs and easy to use shrink film loading systems. Damark’s durable and flexible shrink bundlers are available for creating bull’s eye and fully enclosed packages. Shrink bundling offers many advantages over paperboard packaging such as the choice between transparent film for secure handling or printed film for attractive branding.

Advantages of Shrink Bundling Over Paperboard

  • Cost Effective

  • Space Saving

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Durability

  • Printability

Damark B-24

Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper with S-24 Shrink Tunnel

The Damark B-24 Semi-Automatic Shrink Sleeve Wrapper with S-24 Shrink Tunnel are quality engineered, integrated packaging solutions to a wide range of sleeve wrapping and materials handling needs.

The Damark B-24 Semi-Automatic Shrink Sleeve Wrapper is equipped with dead plate in-feed tables, twin safety push-button controls, air operated sealing head & automatic motorized product discharge conveyor.

Damark B-24 Shrink Bundling System


  • Sleeve wrapper has 24″ wide x 12″ high seal area.

  • A 24″ teflon coated pneumatically operated sealing head sleeve wrapper running on linear bearings.

  • Sleeve wrapping machine is air operated lower seal jaw for seal centering.

  • A variable speed discharge conveyor is standard on this sleeve wrapper / shrink wrapping machine.

  • Sleeve wrapper has E-Stop button.

  • Shrink wrapping machine dual push button seal head activation.

  • Shrink wrap system has electronic time proportional controller for seal temperature.

  • Semi-automatic sleeve wrapper systems extra tough with the heavy duty welded structural steel tube construction.

  • Sleeve wrapper has an easy-load film loading system.

  • Heavy duty locking casters a standard sleeve wrapper shrink wrapping machine specification.

Damark B24-180

Automatic Inline Sleeve Wrapper

The Damark B24-180 Inline Sleeve Wrapper Automatic Bundler shrink wrap machine is a heavy duty shrink packaging system designed for large volume usage.

The Damark B24-180 Inline Sleeve Wrapper provides the utmost in rugged durability and efficiency. Some feature highlights for the inline sleeve shrink wrapping machine include: adjustable speed in feed and exit conveyors, electronic product sensors and electronic time proportional temperature control.

B Series Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundlers


  • 24″ wide x 12″ high seal area.

  • 24″ Teflon coated pneumatically operated sealing head running on linear bearings.

  • Twin motorized film unwinds.

  • Adjustable speed in feed and exit conveyors.

  • Electronic product sensors.

  • PLC controlled electrical functions.

  • Electronic time proportional temperature control.

  • Heavy duty welded structural tubular steel construction.

  • Easy load film system.

  • Heavy duty locking casters.

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