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Redefining Fresh Produce Packaging

Whether you’re looking to extend the shelf life of your produce, enhance its presentation, reduce waste, or improve efficiency, Crawford offers customized packaging solutions to meet your needs. Each product within the GrowPack range, Crawford Packaging’s private brand, has been carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards, addressing the unique needs of produce packaging.

Packaging that Does the Work for You

From smart packaging to modified atmosphere packaging options and more, our solutions not only safeguard against physical damage, light, air, and temperature variations but also enhance the presentation of your produce. Connect with our Packaging Specialists to start the conversation.

Expertise in Produce Packaging

Leveraging our extensive knowledge, experience, and network, we provide our customers with access to the latest and most innovative packaging solutions. Through partnerships with a diverse array of global, best-in-class suppliers, we are uniquely positioned to serve as your strategic partner and the trusted resource for all your packaging needs.

Types of GrowPack Packaging

Tray Seal Film

GrowPack tray sealing films, available in various plastic types, offer high-quality printing, clear messaging, and extended shelf life. These films provide exceptional clarity, giving consumers a near-tangible view of your products. Options include single and dual-layer films, anti-fog varieties, perforations, and special finishes, along with resealable, peelable, MAP, and Anti-Fog features. Additionally, our range includes printable and peelable paper tray sealing films.

Flow Wrap Film

Flow wrap packaging continues to gain momentum in the fresh produce industry. Flow wrap films are often crafted from custom-manufactured BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films, a highly popular plastic film choice. Flow wrap, available in roll sheet format, is ideal for fresh produce, fruit, bakery items, and other demanding applications.

Punnets and Clamshells

Our range of punnets and clamshells comes in various shapes and sizes, crafted from a selection of materials including PET, PP, recycled materials with PCR, POP-certified options, and paper. Incorporating the latest innovations like engineered ventilation, they are specifically designed to extend shelf life.

Shrink/Cucumber Film

GrowPack Shrink Film combines environmental friendliness with high-quality engineering. Made from superior resins, it offers a stronger, clearer, and smoother film. Its thinner design allows shrink wrap machines and tunnels to operate at lower temperatures, ideal for high-speed operations. This premium film enhances packaging efficiency with increased yield per roll and fewer changes. Features include printability, compostability, anti-fog properties, high clarity, and low gauge.

Custom Produce Bags

Over 50% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced solely by packaging. Our Custom Produce Bags not only maintain freshness and extend the shelf life of produce but also significantly enhance its appearance. Available in various formats and materials, our options include printable bags, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), reclosable zipper bags, TOV sleeves, and tray liners.


Linerless Labels

Discover the convenience and eco-friendliness of our linerless labels. Designed with sustainability in mind, these innovative labels require no backing, reducing waste and environmental impact. Available in a variety of sizes, our linerless labels are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, from fresh produce to processed foods.


Produce Trays

We offer a diverse range of produce trays, including EPS Foam, Fiber, Plastic, Chipboard, Corrugate Trays, custom print paperboard, and innovative GrowPack Net Trays. These trays not only enhance the presentation of your produce but are also compatible with flow wrapping and tray sealing machines. Our GrowPack Net Trays, made with 50% less plastic, offer an eco-friendly solution with superior air permeability and stability. They’re 100% recyclable, sealable with paper and plastic, and designed for faster chill times.

Stretch Wrap

Available in a variety of gauges to suit your specific needs, our stretch film ensures optimal performance and protection. We’re also proud to offer stretch film with PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) content, aligning with your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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