Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment provides manufacturers and packers with efficient methods to package and safeguard products for transportation and sale. At Crawford Packaging, we provide solutions that improve packaging efficiency, boost packaging speeds, and reduce the manpower required for packing.

Over time, automated packaging systems have evolved from standalone machines, which automated a single step, to comprehensive systems that integrate every phase of the packaging process.  In fact, a recent study on warehouse automation found that 40% of respondents reported an increase in consumer demand as a top driver for growth in modernizing their operations.

At Crawford, our mission is to design and tailor a seamless end-of-line packaging system for you. We collaborate closely across all levels of your packaging operation, pinpointing challenges and addressing them with fully automated equipment solutions.

Witness the seamless and consistent wrapping of pallets with our advanced semi-automatic and automatic stretch-wrapping machines. Fully automatic stretch wrapping systems can be integrated into your packaging lines to improve efficiency and increase throughput.

Experience the versatility of our shrink-wrapping equipment. Witness how these machines wrap and seal products with shrink film, creating a tight and professional packaging finish. Discover the versatility of shrink wrapping for various product shapes and sizes.

Step into the future of warehousing with our autonomous forklifts. These intelligent machines navigate autonomously, and efficiently handling material handling tasks with precision and safety. See how they can optimize warehouse operations and enhance productivity.

Explore the capabilities of our tray seal equipment, designed to provide reliable and tamper-evident packaging solutions. Experience firsthand how these machines can effectively seal various types of containers including paper, plastic, and aluminum, maintaining product freshness and/or integrity.

Boost your packaging efficiency with automatic case sealers and erectors. These machines swiftly and accurately erect cases and seal them, eliminating the need for manual folding and sealing. Experience increased productivity, time savings, and consistency in your packaging process.

Seal your cases effortlessly and securely with tape machines. These semi-automated and automated machines provide consistent and uniform tape sealing, ensuring the integrity of your products during transit. Save time, reduce labour costs, and enhance quality by letting tape machines handle your packaging needs.

Innovated from shrink wrapping machines, automatic mailer machines utilize temperature-sensitive films to form a protective bag around your product when heat is applied. Utilizing a variety of materials including, polypropylene or paper, automatic mailer systems have the ability to label the products in preparation for shipment.

Automatic flow wrap machines can be integrated into your packaging lines to improve efficiency and increase throughput. Using applied heat to seal the bottoms and ends of a roll of film creating a horizontal bag, flow wrap machines eliminate unnecessary steps in your packaging process.

Discover the power of automated packaging and material handling with our gravity conveyors and flexible conveyors. Experience the efficiency and simplicity of gravity conveyors, effortlessly moving products along a downward slope without the need for external power. Embrace the adaptability of flexible conveyors, which can expand, contract, and navigate any layout or distance.

Void fill packaging machines, either using paper or bubble, uses secondary packaging materials to fill open space in packages to limit shifting and moving during transport. Void fill packaging machines protect and cushion your product during shipping. Ensuring it reaches your customers intact for an amazing first impression.

Applying sleeves by hand can be time-consuming, and often involves multiple steps from folding and gluing to packing – our lineup of machines can take care of the entire process to improve packaging efficiency. Automatic sleeving and end load carton machines can support multiple packaging formats including trays and pots of any shape. 

Our lineup of linerless label applicators are designed for maximum flexibility, for applying linerless labels. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, these machines can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing.

Legible and accurate labels for your packaged products is critical for effective inventory and supply chain management. We carry a wide selection of labeling, marking and case coding machines to ensure your products are easy to manage and track through production and shipping.

Get the most out of your automated packaging operation with robotic palletizers! Robotic palletizers are ideal for small and large packaging operations by automating the process of packing to palletizing. Robotic Palletizers can be integrated with automatic stretch wrappers and case sealing/forming equipment.

Benefits of Automation

Increased Productivity

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Damages

Consistent Packaging Standards

Increased Throughput

Reduced Employees' Injuries

Immerse yourself in the world of packaging automation as we provide exclusive access to some of the best-in-class and most advanced packaging equipment available.

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