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The Crawford Pillars

For over 50 years, Crawford Packaging has been delivering knowledge-based solutions. Our highly trained team of Packaging Specialists work with industry-leading packaging equipment and materials suppliers to understand how even small changes can make a big impact. This has led to the development of incredible cost-saving results and a core set of programs that focus on packaging performance.

We have taken these core concepts and developed comprehensive packaging programs for our core product offerings.

Wrap It Right

Shrink It Right

Tape It Right

Protect It Right

Buy It Right

Packaging Specialists

Installation / Automation / Technical Services

  • Highly skilled automation managers and technicians

  • Provide world class technical services and solutions

World Class Equipment

  • Best of the best from packaging equipment manufactures worldwide
  • Years of successful installations and consistent productivity

Packaging Consumables

Over 50 Years of Excellence

We have been providing businesses with impactful packaging solutions for over 50 years.

How We Do It

Increase Productivity

Reduce Waste

Reduce Labour Costs

Increase Throughput

Reduce Damage

Reduce Consumption

Technical Service

We have the expertise to see the job done right, from single units all the way to complete integrated packaging lines and systems.