Autonomous Forklifts

Global AGVs by Bila are autonomous forklifts that automate internal pallet transportation while improving operational efficiencies. Global AGVs by Bila are proven to increase efficiency by freeing up time and resources, reducing labour costs, and reducing human error. Global AGVs are innovative pieces of automated equipment designed to make automation easy using simple integration. 

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Global AGV L12 Driverless Forklift

The Global AGV L12 by Bila is equipped with forks that can be adjusted based on the pallet size and use technologies to navigate and handle both open and close-bottomed pallets. 


Global AGV L14 Driverless Forklift

The Global AGV L14 by Bila utilizes support wheels to move larger internal pallets. It is a perfect solution for businesses that utilize open-bottom frame pallets.


Why Autonomous Forklifts?

Main Benefits of Global AGVs

Increased Production Efficiency

AGVs have the ability to run 24/7/365 resulting in longer runs and increased uptime. Quick programming means that operations are not compromised, and you’ll spend less time stopping and starting.

Cost Effectiveness

Global AGVs are designed to make automation easy. This translates into decreased human interaction and their labour costs. Limiting human interaction can avoid unforseen costs.

Resource Allocation

To ensure efficiency, employees within your operation need to focus on high-value assignments. Global AGVs allow you to reallocate your resources to ensure deadlines are met.



Global AGVs are customizable and scalable to your operation. Since they are driverless, they have the ability to run 24/7/365 according to your schedule and adapt to shift changes and seasonality.

Reduced Internal Damages

By creating a custom pathway for the driverless forklifts to operate, AGVs create less internal damage to goods and equipment due to collisions.

Increased Workplace Safety

Global AGVs have smart technology creating increased safety features and making it possible to work alongside humans and existing machines!

What Can You Automate with a Global AGV?

What used to be a project for larger companies has now been made simple. Global AGVs can be installed in your production in just 2-3 days freeing up valuable time for your employees. Freeing up your employee’s time can be used to ensure quality and eliminate production stoppages and bottleneck problems.

With Global AGV, you can automate all simple A-B pallet transports – for example:

  • Focus on stand-alone applications
  • Dedicated AGVs positions (pick-up/drop-of station)
  • Simple repeated transports from A to B
  • Location: in door, even/dry floor and above 0°.

All pallet flows can be tracked from all devices, so you can follow everything from work-flow to flow analysis, and optimize and save up to 60% on simple pallet transport tasks.

Global AGV Success Stories

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