Other Market Packaging Solutions

At Crawford Packaging, we serve a variety of markets, leveraging our knowledge-based culture. With over 60 years of experience, we collaborate with our clients to fully understand their packaging requirements, providing customized, cost-effective, and impactful packaging solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce waste. While our primary markets include manufacturing, produce, food processing, and shipping and distribution, we are not limited in our ability to serve clients in different markets

Other Markets We Serve

With locations in Canada, the US, and Mexico, we serve a broad range of industries and organizations, ranging from small start-ups to large-scale operations. We leverage our knowledge-based culture to deliver value-added and complete packaging solutions that enhance your business performance.

We work with world-class packaging equipment suppliers to provide our clients the highest quality packaging machines available on the market to ensure that finished products arrive at their destination safely and in as-made condition.

We offer our customers a wide selection of best-in-class consumable product options that prioritize performance while being budget-friendly.

Our factory-trained service technicians are fully qualified to maintain, service, and source parts for all major brands of packaging equipment solutions.

Automated Packaging Equipment

Ensuring the swift and efficient operation of your shipping and distribution center is crucial for maintaining a seamless workflow. Crawford Packaging’s automation solutions employ advanced technology and automatic packaging machines to enhance the efficiency of your distribution packaging line. Additionally, we subject all our packaging machines to rigorous testing, adhering to the highest standards to ensure both product and operator safety.

Our Automation Experience Centre is now open – the first of it’s kind in Canada!

Immerse yourself in the world of packaging automation as we provide exclusive access to some of the best-in-class and most advanced packaging equipment available.

Packaging Consumables

Crawford Packaging sources the highest quality packaging materials currently available on the market. We provide our customers with an extensive range of options and assure you that we can match materials to your budget. At Crawford Packaging, our Packaging Specialists collaborate with you to create, test, and implement custom distribution or e-commerce packaging solutions tailored to your products.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a stretchable plastic film primarily used for secondary packaging to secure your product to a pallet in preparation for transport.


Strapping involves tightening bands around a package or pallet of goods, and fastening them together to secure the package. These straps can be used to bundle products together and improve the overall stability.

Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink wrapping is the process of using temperature-sensitive films to tightly cover your product when heat is applied.


Made up of layers of fibreboard, corrugate is most commonly used to keep products safe during long-distance transportation, shipping, and handling.

Food Safe Film

We carry a wide selection of food-safe films that are guaranteed to extend shelf life while ensuring they are up to food safety guidelines.

Shipping Labels

We offer a wide selection of labeling, marking, and case coding machines to ensure that your products are easy to manage and track throughout production, or to enhance their appeal on the shelves.


The correct tape can provide a simple and fast way to size and cut in preparation for closing corrugated cartons, while also offering the option to be customized.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging, also known as void fill packaging, uses secondary packaging materials to fill open space in packages to limit shifting and moving during transport.

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