Bag Sealing Machines

Crawford Packaging’s line of semi and fully automatic bag sealers has been designed to deliver hermetic, rapid, and efficient sealing solutions. It perfectly aligns with the high-volume demands of both consumers and retailers. These automated bag sealing machines can be adjusted to accommodate variations in material, ensuring reliable seal integrity on every bag.

The Emplex ACS6200 Horizontal Bag Sealing Machine

The Emplex ACS6200 semi-automatic bag sealing systems are designed for horizontal sealing applications, ideal for product packaging. With multiple conveyor lengths to choose from, you can have multiple loading stations to achieve the highest possible production rates.

The Emplex ACS7200 Horizontal Bag Sealing Machine

The Emplex ACS7200 automated bag sealing machine delivers high speed sealing for a variety of fresh food products. Not only does the Emplex ACS7200 provide clients with a continuous sealing process, but also with the ability to adjust the machine to fit specific needs.

Benefits of Bag Sealing Machines

Increased Productivity

Reduced Labour Costs



Increased Efficiency



Increased Throughput

Always by Your Side

From the start to the finish, our team is with you, taking care of your equipment at every stage of the way!

Need help selecting a Bag Seraling System? 

Our Packaging Specialists have a deep understanding of automated packaging equipment and the best strategies to reduce your cost per pack.

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