Food Processing Packaging Solutions

As a food processor, you make a great product that you take great pride in. Your customers expect the best from you, and only high-performance packaging can keep your product safe and attractive to consumers. Whether it’s primary or secondary packaging, your packaging needs to preserve a proper seal, control temperatures, and maintain structural integrity, while also having shelf appeal. Without it, your food could be at risk of damage or worse — become inedible. By choosing the right materials, paired with high-performance packaging machinery, your food will get from factory to table intact and ready to eat.

Comprehensive Food Packaging Solutions

Crawford Packaging doesn’t just sell packaging materials or machinery, we sell comprehensive packaging solutions that are guaranteed to improve performance, reduce costs, and pack your food products more efficiently. By teaming up with a dedicated Crawford Packaging Specialist, you’ll gain access to a knowledge network that leverages the most innovative minds in the industry. After diagnosing your unique needs, Crawford’s team will work with our innovative suppliers to assemble your packaging solution and help you run at peak efficiency.