Food Processing Packaging Solutions

As a food processor, you make a remarkable product that you take great pride in. Your packaging needs to ensure a proper seal, control temperatures, and maintain structural integrity while also possessing an appealing shelf presentation. Crawford’s dedicated Packaging Specialists will leverage their knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right equipment, consumables, and service, assisting you in achieving your packaging goals.

We’ve partnered with world-class automation equipment manufacturers to prioritize performance, flexibility, and consistent packaging quality.

We provide food processors with packaging solutions that enhance the shelf appeal of their products, offer optimal protection, and help reduce their annual packaging costs.

Our factory-trained service technicians are fully qualified to maintain, service, and source parts for all major brands of packaging equipment solutions.

Food Processing Automated Packaging Equipment

Packaging food is time-sensitive and requires well-planned logistics to keep operations moving quickly and smoothly. When dealing with such a small margin of error, it’s important to stop mistakes before they happen. That’s why, in partnership with our suppliers, we’ve developed our food processing pillars that focus on the needs of our food processing clients at every packaging stage.

Flow wrap packaging machines use applied heat to seal the bottoms and ends of a roll of film creating a horizontal bag.

Top seal packaging machines utilize heat and other methods to apply film lids to trays of varying depths, sizes, and substrates.

Linerless label applicators utilize weigh scales for variable-weight products to then apply labels without liners.

Shrink wrapping machines use temperature-sensitive films to tightly cover your product when heat.

Food Processing Packaging Consumables

Choosing your primary packaging is no easy task. With so many factors to consider, including crucial elements like shelf-appeal and food safety; the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Taking decades of industry experience, we’ve collaborated with our partners to develop packaging that ensures optimal shelf life all while having great shelf appeal and being cautious of your bottom line costs.

Flow Wrap Film

Flow wrap films are often made from custom-manufactured BOPP films, which are one of the most popular plastic films today. Flow wrap films are customizable to your brand.

Top Seal Film

Our top seal films can include tamper evidence technologies and can be customizable to your brand. Our top seal films are also offered in resealable format.


Linerless Labels

Linerless labels offer a broad range of benefits such as increased productivity and flexibility. Food processors can now provide sustainable solutions with enhanced marketing opportunities.

Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink wrapping is the process of using temperature-sensitive films to tightly cover your product when heat is applied.

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