Linerless Label Applicators

Ravenwood Linerless Label Applicators are designed for maximum flexibility, for applying linerless labels. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, these machines can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing. Labels are supplied in a range of weights and materials, including paper and polypropylene. All adhesives are optimized for individual products. 

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Ravenwood Nobac 5000 Linerless Label Applicator

Ravenwood’s flagship machine has been designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Suitable for a wide range of tray styles, it is an ideal solution for a broad range of food packaging applications.



Ravenwood Nobac 5000L Linerless Label Applicator

The Nobac 5000L linerless label machine is a perfect solution for landscape packages, especially narrow and/or wide fruit and vegetable trays.



Ravenwood Nobac 1500 Linerless Label Applicator

The Nobac 1500 linerless label applicator is compatible with Ravenwood linerless labels and is the perfect solution for compact packaging lines.


Why Linerless Labels?

Main Benefits of Linerless Labelling

Increased Production Efficiency

Linerless labels allow for more labels per roll, resulting in longer runs and increased uptime. Quick changeovers mean that line speeds are not compromised, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up liner waste.

Cost Effectiveness

Linerless label reels weigh up to 40% less and take up to 40% less space than labels with carrier backing. This translates into decreased shipping and storage costs. Additionally, eliminating the liner means avoiding landfill disposal costs.

Zero Waste Liner to Landfill

Our linerless labels are fully recyclable allowing a truly sustainable packaging solution. Without a liner, linerless labels generate less waste during all stages – production, application, and disposal.


Flexible Formats

Our diverse range of linerless labels suit a wide variety of tray styles making these labels optimal for a variety of markets. Food packaging applications include MAP, skin pack, slidable, and more.

Energy and Resource Saving

The production of linerless labels requires less energy and fewer resources compared to traditional labels. With no liner material to produce and transport during the manufacturing process, linerless labels reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased Surface Print Area

Our linerless labels are applied around the entire tray creating an increased surface area for branding. Feature additional information on the back of the label to tell your story!

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