Automated Mailer Systems

Here at Crawford, we take pride in helping our distribution clients meet their targets and goals. By optimizing your packaging through automation, we guarantee you will see noticeable improvements in many different areas of your business. One improvement you will notice is human error correction as it is the number one problem for fulfillment issues. Some results you will see through automation are:


Increased Productivity

Reduced Damages

Reduced Employees’ Motion and Strain Injuries

Reduced Packaging Material

Reduced Labour Costs

Increased Throughput

Automated order fulfillment has seen a huge rise in demand with the rapid growth of e-commerce. A recent study on consumer packaged goods stated that 60% of companies report an increasing demand for packaging machinery, specifically in ecommerce packaging machines.

At Crawford, we can provide solutions to improve and modernize our clients’ operations. Some areas you will be improving are labour costs, amount of output per hour, as well as minimal error when fulfilling orders.

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